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Sunday June 19th, 2022 evening edition

image for Unprecedented heatwave cooks western Europe, with temperatures hitting 43 degrees Celsius

An intense and unprecedently early heatwave is baking western Europe, with temperatures in many places topping 40 degrees Celsius Saturday.

Temperatures were high across most of Western Europe on the first day of the weekend.

In southwest France, there were peaks of close to 42 to 43 degrees Celsius, as the city of Biarritz broke an "absolute" temperature record.

Nearly three-quarters of the country's population -- some 45 million people -- were issued with red or orange heat alerts in what is the earliest heatwave ever recorded in France.

For some in Paris, especially those living in cramped, old apartments, the scorching heat was too much to bear.

Areas across western and southern Europe are already rationing water amid the sweltering heat, with a very dry spring putting immense stress on water systems.

Temperatures in London stayed well below 20, with rain and cloud hitting the British capital. »

Diablo Immortal has made over $24 million in first two weeks

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Data from Appmagic has revealed Diablo Immortal garnered over 8.5 million downloads in the first two weeks of release, earning developer Blizzard more than $24 million in the process.

The new release means that Diablo Immortal has quickly become one of the developer’s most downloaded apps, as well as its second-highest earner behind the mobile version of the company’s popular card game, Hearthstone.

According to GameDev Reports, the revenue is split relatively equally between the iOS and Android markets, with $13 million and $11.3 million, respectively. »

Kazakhstan: Voters back reforms to reject founder's legacy

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The reforms for a "New Kazakhstan" has come from President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev — Nazarbayev's hand-picked successor — in the wake of violence earlier this year.

Nurlan Abdirov, chair of the national electoral commission, said 77.17% of voters had backed the move, while 18.66% voted against.

Rules stipulated that at least half of registered voters had to take part in the plebiscite for it to be considered valid. »

Human urine could be an effective and less polluting crop fertiliser

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Their discovery reduces environmental pollution and helps to feed a growing global population, all thanks to an unexpected ingredient - human urine.

Separating and collecting the urine at the source means rethinking toilets, the wastewater collection network - and overcoming certain preconceived ideas.

Fabien Gandossi, who owns the 211 restaurant in Paris, equipped his establishment with this new, dry model that collects urine. »