Adult Site Stripchat Offers Golfers Free VIP Membership To Turn Down Saudi LIV Golf Series 2022

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Golfers have received an offer to stay on the PGA Tour from such an odd source as the contentious LIV Golf Series continues to split the sport with Stripchat now trying to save the game

Firstly, In an unusual turn of events, an adult website has made the offer to golf stars in order to persuade them to stay on the PGA Tour. The contentious LIV Golf Series has entirely turned the sport on its head. With players opting to compete in the cash-laden circuit.

Adult Website Stripchat Offers Golfers Free VIP Membership To Turn Down Saudi LIV Golf Series 2022

Those who remain on the PGA Tour have expressed dissatisfaction with the breakaway circuit. And its participants, particularly Tour commissioner Jay Monahan. However, a call for players to continue with the governing body of golf has come out of an odd source: Stripchat, an adult streaming website.

They, too, have been harmed by the LIV Golf Series which threatens to split the sport and has sided with the PGA Tour. Stripchat made an ambitious offer to keep golfers from switching sides to the league backed by Saudi money in an attempt to keep them from defecting.

Secondly, As the drama involving golfers, the PGA Tour, and LIV Golf continues, Stripchat, is the largest adult camming site. It has chosen to take sides and reward golfers to continue supporting the famous PGA Tour. “We’re making an impossible offer, a witty note stated.

“Lastly, Stripchat is the top adult live cam site with over 500 million unique users every month. It is a great fan of golf and the PGA Tour, said Max Bennett, Stripchat’s Vice President.

“We’re thrilled to be able to give to this worthy cause and assist the PGA in its fight to retain the finest players. We are forward to seeing how you perform on and off the field this season!”

They also spoke about offering golfers a plethora of tokens to pay to models to get them to indulge in virtual sex.

However, Many people were disappointed by those who elected to compete in the new league. And a furious Monahan delivered a stinging letter to the rebel players 30 minutes after the inaugural LIV Golf Series tournament began. Indicating they would be barred from playing on the PGA Tour.

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cC2Panda on June 17th, 2022 at 16:35 UTC »

The LIV series would be good for the sport if it weren't funded by slavery. The PGA is a fucking terrible organization that needs some competition.

bingold49 on June 17th, 2022 at 13:56 UTC »

Ok, I turn them down, wheres my membership

libiciku on June 17th, 2022 at 13:45 UTC »

I'm sorry, this is fucking hilarious.