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Saturday June 18th, 2022 evening edition

image for Fossil fuel firms ‘have humanity by the throat’, says UN head in blistering attack

He said: “We seem trapped in a world where fossil fuel producers and financiers have humanity by the throat.

For decades, the fossil fuel industry has invested heavily in pseudoscience and public relations – with a false narrative to minimise their responsibility for climate change and undermine ambitious climate policies.

Like tobacco interests, fossil fuel interests and their financial accomplices must not escape responsibility.”.

He said: “Nothing could be more clear or present than the danger of fossil fuel expansion.

Much of these bumper profits are likely to be invested in fresh exploration and expansion of fossil fuel resources.

The fossil fuel industry is taking a page out of big tobacco’s playbook, and that is utterly unacceptable to the secretary general.

He’s determined to call out the fossil fuel industry and its financiers, and he won’t be constrained by any diplomatic niceties.”. »

As cryptocurrency tumbles, prices for new and used GPUs continue to fall

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As tracked by Tom's Hardware, prices for new and used graphics cards continue to fall, coming down from their peak prices in late 2021 and early 2022.

For weeks, it has generally been possible to go to Amazon, Newegg, or Best Buy and buy current-generation GPUs for prices that would have seemed like bargains six months or a year ago, and pricing for used GPUs has fallen further.

Nvidia's RTX 4000-series GPUs are reportedly nearing release, and manufacturing and supply chain issues could conspire to keep these new cards scarce. »

'We don’t go by money’: Gas station owner lowers prices to help customers

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A gas station owner in Phoenix is selling gas at nearly a half dollar less a gallon than other stations in the city as prices across the country hit record highs.

He said he works from 4 a.m. to midnight every day and his wife, Ramandeep Kaur, also helps out at the store.

But he said “helping humanity” and his Sikh religious values factored into the business decision to keep his gas prices low. »

How Ukraine Will Win

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But getting there will require that the West exercise patient dedication to one outcome: a complete and total Ukrainian victory.

Ukraine has proved its mettle by achieving important victories in the battles of Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Sumy, causing Putin’s blitzkrieg to fail spectacularly.

Instead of focusing on Putin’s feelings, the United States and Europe should focus on practical steps to help Ukraine prevail. »

Dozens of teenage girls rescued from Nigerian 'baby factory' where they were used as sex slaves

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At least 35 teenage girls have been rescued from a 'baby factory' hotel where they were used as sex slaves and their babies sold on the black market, Nigerian police say.

Nigerian police have previously freed dozens of under-aged women and babies from illegal maternity homes known as 'baby factories' where women are forced to have children for sale on the black market.

Four of the girls were pregnant, he said, while some weapons and cash were recovered from the hotel. »