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Sunday June 12nd, 2022 night edition

image for City of Ottawa denies 'outrageous' request to fly Russian flag

The Russian Embassy in Ottawa asked the city to fly the Russian flag and illuminate a wing of City Hall in red, white and blue to mark Russia Day on Sunday, but the city refused.

The Ukrainian flag has been flying outside Ottawa City Hall since Feb. 24, in a gesture of solidarity.

"You would think that they'd put two and two together that we're not going to fly their flag on our property.".

A pro-Ukraine supporter waves the country's flag outside the Russian Embassy in Ottawa on Feb. 24.

According to Ottawa's official policy on flag-raising, the city "will fly the flag of any nation on its national day with whom Canada has diplomatic relations.".

"The very invasion of Ukraine is a sample of their mentality, and it's reflected in what the Russian Embassy does here.".

Attempts on Friday to reach the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ottawa were unsuccessful. »

Professors Warn That Creeps Might Start Stealing DNA From Celebs For Dark Purposes

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That could throw the legal system into chaos, they argue — which could be bad news not only for celebrities, but for the general public as well.

Filling that gap will become more important than ever as DNA sequencing is further commercialized, and thus more readily available.

More on questionable DNA ideas: Elon Musk Speculates About Storing All Human DNA In DataBase. »

The Everywhere Spring: Food Insecurity and Civil Unrest on a Global Scale

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Even Brazil, a major agricultural power and net food exporter, has seen food prices rise by 13.5% over the same period.

Globally-estimated impacts from the current crisis are that we will likely see an 8-15% increase in people facing food insecurity.

The world bank has long noted the link between food prices and civil unrest, adding to the credibility of MI5’s “skipped meals” trigger. »

Mexico City ban on bullfighting extended indefintely

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A judge has extended a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City indefinitely, raising the likelihood that the season will be cancelled at the world's largest remaining venue.

MEXICO CITY -- A judge extended a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City indefinitely, raising the likelihood that the season will be cancelled at what claims to be the world’s largest remaining venue.

A ban in Mexico City — currently the largest venue for the events — would be an international setback for bullfighting. »