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Saturday June 11st, 2022 evening edition

image for Trump May Be Charged for Trying to Overthrow Election by End of the Month

Former President Donald Trump could face his first charges for trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election as early as this month.

"I certainly think that in the first half of the year that decision will be made," Willis said.

Willis has been investigating Trump's efforts to intervene in Georgia's 2020 election for more than 16 months.

Trump lost the state by a narrow margin of 0.23 points.

She also previously told Atlanta's WSB-TV2 in February,"Anyone who violates the law will be prosecuted, no matter what their social status is.

"It wouldn't surprise me for Georgia to become the first jurisdiction to indict a former president on felony charges.

And I think the charges will stick," Laurence Tribe, professor emeritus of constitutional law at Harvard University, tweeted last month. »

Mexico City ban on bullfighting extended indefintely

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A judge has extended a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City indefinitely, raising the likelihood that the season will be cancelled at the world's largest remaining venue.

MEXICO CITY -- A judge extended a ban on bullfighting in Mexico City indefinitely, raising the likelihood that the season will be cancelled at what claims to be the world’s largest remaining venue.

A ban in Mexico City — currently the largest venue for the events — would be an international setback for bullfighting. »

QAnon cult leader predicts JFK will return to Dallas—again—this coming weekend

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More than 200 days after they first gathered in Dallas last November, QAnon cult leader Michael Brian Protzman has once again ordered his followers to return to Dallas this weekend for the true culmination of his prediction that JFK will return to the site of his 1963 assassination.

Protzman told his followers in a livestream early Wednesday morning he’d figured out that JFK would reappear at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, June 11.

At the time of Protzman's first prediction, QAnon followers arrived in droves from around the world to witness its fruition. »

The Everywhere Spring: Food Insecurity and Civil Unrest on a Global Scale

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Even Brazil, a major agricultural power and net food exporter, has seen food prices rise by 13.5% over the same period.

Globally-estimated impacts from the current crisis are that we will likely see an 8-15% increase in people facing food insecurity.

The world bank has long noted the link between food prices and civil unrest, adding to the credibility of MI5’s “skipped meals” trigger. »

XCOM director reassures fans the series is ‘definitely not dead’

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XCOM and XCOM 2 director Jake Solomon has told VGC that the series is “definitely not dead”.

In an upcoming interview about his next game, the deck-building tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Solomon was quick to reassure fans that the much-loved Firaxis series will return someday.

“As long as I live, as long as Firaxis lives, XCOM is… I won’t even say sleeping. »