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Saturday June 11st, 2022 day edition

image for Auburn man arrested for leaving flowers on fiancé's grave found guilty

An Auburn man gained national attention after being arrested for leaving flowers on his fiancé's grave.

The arrest warrant for Winston Hagans had a charge for littering after he left a flower box on his fiancé's grave.

In court during Thursday’s bench trial, Judge Jim McLaughlin found Hagans guilty of criminal littering after leaving flowers on his fiances grave with a $50 charge for littering and a court fine of $250.

However, Tom Ford’s attorney said there would be no jail time if Hagans agreed not to place any more boxes on the grave.

Winston, also known as Winchester Hagans, lost his fiancé, Hannah Ford, in a car crash in January 2021.

Hagans hand-made a flower box with real flowers and pictures of them together to be left on her grave at Auburn’s Memorial Park Cemetery.

According to Auburn Parks and Recreation, “Settees, urns, boxes, shells, toys and other similar items may not be placed or maintained on any lot or grave.”. »

Nearly 20M watched Jan. 6 hearing: Nielsen

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Nearly 20 million people watched Thursday night’s first hearing of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol across broadcast and cable news, according to preliminary ratings figures from Nielsen.

On cable, MSNBC pulled in a whopping 4.1 million viewers during the hearings, nearly four times what the network averages on a typical weeknight.

A reported 9 million people watched former President Trump’s impeachment trial in 2020 on a typical day during those proceedings on Capitol Hill. »

QAnon cult leader predicts JFK will return to Dallas—again—this coming weekend

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More than 200 days after they first gathered in Dallas last November, QAnon cult leader Michael Brian Protzman has once again ordered his followers to return to Dallas this weekend for the true culmination of his prediction that JFK will return to the site of his 1963 assassination.

Protzman told his followers in a livestream early Wednesday morning he’d figured out that JFK would reappear at Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, June 11.

At the time of Protzman's first prediction, QAnon followers arrived in droves from around the world to witness its fruition. »

Brexit ‘largely to blame’ for £31bn loss to UK economy, study finds

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Brexit is “largely to blame” for billions being lost in trade and tax revenues in recent years, according to a new study by top economists.

“We can’t blame Brexit for all of the 5.2 per cent GDP shortfall … but it’s apparent that Brexit is largely to blame,” said John Springford, author of the CEF study.

The CER study said it was “hard to avoid the conclusion that Brexit has severely curtailed GDP, investment and goods trade”. »

XCOM director reassures fans the series is ‘definitely not dead’

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XCOM and XCOM 2 director Jake Solomon has told VGC that the series is “definitely not dead”.

In an upcoming interview about his next game, the deck-building tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Solomon was quick to reassure fans that the much-loved Firaxis series will return someday.

“As long as I live, as long as Firaxis lives, XCOM is… I won’t even say sleeping. »