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Thursday June 9th, 2022 night edition

image for 'I'm not ready': 2 Uvalde victims who texted 'I love you' to be buried next to one another

In August, Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez came home from her first day of fourth grade at Robb Elementary School and told her mom about a boy.

Months later, when the weather warmed, their families got together for weekend barbecues, where Annabell and Xavier would play tag.

Their mothers, Monica Gallegos and Felicha Martinez, soon discovered the children were texting each other "I love you" at bedtime.

By spring, Annabell had a picture of Xavier strung around her neck, a gift from Martinez.

On the morning of May 24, Annabell and Xavier posed for pictures at an awards ceremony in the school cafeteria.

The two children will be buried this week at Hillcrest Cemetery in Uvalde, Texas.

"He would make things for her, he would write notes for her," Reyes said from his hospital bed. »

The problem(s) with Cruz blaming Biden for Texas’ energy troubles

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“The impact of President Biden being beholden to the Green New Deal radicals in his party has electricity costs through the roof in Texas.”.

The same tweet referred readers to this Dallas Morning News report on rising energy prices in the Lone Star State.

First, as Cruz almost certainly knows, Texas has its own independent system of power. »

Australian traveller strip-searched, held in US prison and deported over little-known entry requirement

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An Australian traveller was denied entry to the US, cavity searched, sent to prison alongside criminals and subsequently deported 30 hours after arriving, due to a little-known entry requirement for the US.

US government websites explaining eligiblity for the visa waiver program, which Smartraveller advises Australians to consult, do not mention the specific entry rule that resulted in Dunn being deported.

The entry requirement is not listed on the US embassy’s website, nor on multiple US government websites that it directs travellers to. »

Diabetes drug leads to notable weight loss in people with obesity – study

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A weekly dose of a diabetes drug appears to lead to significant weight loss in people with obesity, in a development experts have hailed as gamechanging.

Now researchers say a diabetes drug, used alongside such interventions, can help people with obesity.

If you want to improve the really difficult complications of obesity, then you need 15-20% weight loss. »