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Tuesday June 7th, 2022 morning edition

image for Zelenskyy said that Ukraine is being pushed towards 'peace', but with benefits for Russia

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Western politicians and the media are beginning to push Ukraine to end the war with a result that is not beneficial for Ukraine, but Zelenskyy assured that he is not holding such talks with anyone.

Source: Zelenskyy at a meeting with journalists on 6 June.

Quote: "I do not have any negotiations on any plans (on the peace plan, which is being discussed by the United States, the European Union and Britain - ed.

Everyone really wants to push us little by little towards some result that is definitely undesirable for us, because we have not been asked yet, but beneficial for other parties that have their own interests.

Fatigue is growing, people want some kind of result for themselves, and you and I need a result - for us.

Thus, I did not discuss with them the structures for resolving the issue of this war with a positive result for us.".

Details: At the same time, Zelenskyy believes that Ukraine should work "with all European countries, world powers. »

20,000 Signatures on GOP-Led “Voter Fraud” Petition in Michigan Were Fraudulent

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Organizers had planned to submit the petition to the state by Wednesday’s deadline but abruptly backed down after discovering that around 20,000 signatures were fraudulent.

The Bureau of Elections identified 36 petition circulators who submitted at least 68,000 fraudulent signatures in the gubernatorial primary, as well as in nine other nominating contests.

Despite mounting allegations of misleading or fraudulent practices by petition circulators, lying to get petition signatures is not illegal in Michigan. »

Geoff Keighley says Summer Game Fest will be ‘primarily focused’ on announced games

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Journalist and presenter Geoff Keighley has urged viewers to “manage your expectations” ahead of this week’s Summer Game Fest live stream, which he said will be “primarily focused” on already announced games.

Summer Game Fest & The Game Awards.

“That was an announced game that just showed new footage and sometimes people treat that like it was the announcement of the game, but it really was announced a few years earlier.”. »

Proud Boys leader Tarrio, 4 lieutenants charged with seditious conspiracy

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Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, the former longtime chairman of the extremist group Proud Boys, was indicted on a new federal charge of seditious conspiracy with four top lieutenants on Monday.

The new charges add two counts, seditious conspiracy, punishable by up to 20 years in prison, and conspiracy to prevent an officer from discharging any duties.

During a presidential election debate in fall 2020, Trump famously refused to denounce the Proud Boys, urging them to “stand back and stand by.” »

Climbing the ladder: How the West can manage escalation in Ukraine and beyond

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His present difficulties are more likely to provoke escalation within or around Ukraine, both in the military realm and in other domains.

“If Putin achieves a measure of success in Ukraine, however, horizontal escalation in the next 3–5 years is more likely.”

If Putin achieves a measure of success in Ukraine, however, horizontal escalation in the next 3–5 years is more likely. »