Sega producer says high costs are preventing a Dreamcast or Saturn mini console

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Sega has suggested that high costs caused by the pandemic are preventing it from producing a Dreamcast or Saturn mini console.

Speaking to Famitsu, Sega’s classic hardware producer Yosuke Okunari said that he had considered producing mini versions of the classic consoles, but claimed that the cost of producing parts for either a Dreamcast or Saturn would be prohibitively expensive.

Sega’s latest mini console, the Mega Drive Mini 2, was announced earlier this week.

“Some of you may say ‘this isn’t a Sega Saturn Mini’ or ‘I wanted a Dreamcast mini’, it’s not that we didn’t think about that direction”, Okunari said of the new Mega Drive console.

“The development of new boards has been stagnant due to the Coronavirus and, of course, it would be a fairly expensive product in terms of cost.”

Dreamcast was Sega’s final home console, marking the end of the Japanese company’s near-20-year stint in the console hardware market.

However, despite its short lifespan the console produced many critically acclaimed game franchises including Shenmue, Soul Calibur, Phantasy Star Online, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio and Rez.

The console enjoyed a strong launch in North America backed by a significant marketing campaign, but ultimately sales declined as Sony’s PlayStation 2 arrived on the market.

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The Mega Drive Mini 2 will include 50 Mega Drive and Mega CD titles, including arcade ports and what Sega describes as a “mysterious new work”.

The Mega Drive Mini 2 will be released on October 27 in Japan and will cost ¥9,980 ($75). Sega has yet to confirm a western release.

The first Mega Drive Mini was released in 2019 and included 42 games, with the libraries differing per region. It included new ports of Darius and Tetris, which had never been released before.

MrPanda663 on June 5th, 2022 at 15:26 UTC »

Price it higher. I want my sonic adventures 2 and power stone.

c010rb1indusa on June 5th, 2022 at 14:47 UTC »

It's too expensive to release a product with two controllers that have analogue sticks for a reasonable price. There's a reason the PS mini didn't use dualshocks when it would have made it 100x better. You either have to price it unreasonably high or compromise the product in some way either release only 1 controller, no compatibility for old controllers, stuff like that.

bidoofguy on June 5th, 2022 at 13:47 UTC »

Dreamcast seems like the perfect console to do a “mini” version of. Tragically wasn’t around too long in its day despite some surprisingly ambitious and well made titles. Putting a good variety of greatest hits along with a few lesser known titles would be a great way to remember it.