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Sunday June 5th, 2022 night edition

image for French police find weapons arsenal after arresting neo-Nazi suspects in Alsace

French police have discovered an arsenal of weapons including submachine guns after arresting four men suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi group in the eastern Alsace region, officials said on Friday.

They discovered an “alarming” number of guns – 18 legal and 23 illegal – 167 magazines, 30kg (66lb) of gunpowder and materials for potentially making explosives, she said.

The bullet equivalent of “at least 120,000 cartridges” was also found, Lt Col Yann Wanson of the local police unit said.

France has stepped up its surveillance of far-right extremists in line with an increase in antisemitic incidents in recent years, with President Emmanuel Macron visiting a vandalised Jewish cemetery in Alsace in December 2019.

So far investigators have not determined if the men were planning an attack, but antisemitic and Holocaust-denial works were found and computer equipment is being analysed, Roux-Morizot said.

They also discovered equipment for making bullets and more than €25,000 ($26,800) in cash.

The suspects have been charged with arms trafficking and face up to 10 years in prison. »

Japanese man, 83, becomes oldest person to sail solo non-stop across Pacific

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Before he set off, Kenichi Horie said his only fear about sailing solo non-stop across the Pacific Ocean was his age.

But on Saturday, the 83-year-old – known as “Japan’s most famous yachtsman” – proved it was not an obstacle after all as he became the world’s oldest person to complete the challenge.

The first boat he used to cross the Pacific, the Mermaid, remains at the National Maritime Museum in California. »

Florida man and woman crash into FedEx truck during sex act

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Neither occupant of the FedEx vehicle was injured; the only package harmed was the one being attentively gift-wrapped by the passenger of the SUV.

Aerial footage of the aftermath showed both SUV occupants being treated at the scene, pants around their ankles.

Other reports indicate that the driver and his passenger were both injured in the collision, which happened while the deed was being done. »

Bowing to the Prince

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Over a year later, however, it appears that the president plans to travel to Saudi Arabia in the first Middle East visit of his presidency.

But the problem is not just that a presidential visit to Riyadh would so obviously illustrate a compromise on principles.

Any presidential visit to a foreign country is a high-stakes affair, and the stakes in Saudi Arabia could not be higher. »