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Sunday June 5th, 2022 morning edition

image for Two women were charged with murder after having stillbirths. The cases are rocking this conservative corner of California

She was also flagged by doctors, investigated by local law enforcement and charged with murder by District Attorney Keith Fagundes.

The cases sparked national backlash from civil rights groups, which successfully fought to overturn the convictions.

“Those two cases, they’re a symptom of the disease,” said Sarah Hacker, a Hanford lawyer challenging Fagundes.

“And the disease that has infected our criminal justice system here in Kings County is preferential treatment.”.

The road into Hanford doubles as a condensed tour of the sprawling and diverse San Joaquin Valley.

Becker’s attorney, Samantha Lee of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, said the isolated California cases are part of a national trend toward criminalizing pregnant people.

“When that door is opened, then anything someone does or doesn’t do during their pregnancy could be charged similarly,” Lee said. »

Russia-Ukraine War Is Killing Dolphins in Black Sea, Scientists Warn

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Scientists who study the Black Sea warn that dolphins are being killed in the Russia-Ukraine war.

The Turkish Marine Research Foundation has said the war is causing a "crisis in biodiversity.".

Before the war, 100 scientists from a Conservation group for the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and contiguous Atlantic Sea surveyed marine life to determine the number of dolphins within these areas. »

Japanese man, 83, becomes oldest person to sail solo non-stop across Pacific

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Before he set off, Kenichi Horie said his only fear about sailing solo non-stop across the Pacific Ocean was his age.

But on Saturday, the 83-year-old – known as “Japan’s most famous yachtsman” – proved it was not an obstacle after all as he became the world’s oldest person to complete the challenge.

The first boat he used to cross the Pacific, the Mermaid, remains at the National Maritime Museum in California. »

Firesprite Reportedly Working on Twisted Metal and 5 Games For PlayStation

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Recently we got the word that Sony is working with multiple Studios to provide various games, and one of the names included in the list was Firesprite.

We finally have a complete list of all the rumored games confirmed to be in development by Firesprite for PlayStation Studios.

A total of 6 games are reportedly in development, out of which 4 are confirmed and 2 are rumored. »

Florida man and woman crash into FedEx truck during sex act

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Neither occupant of the FedEx vehicle was injured; the only package harmed was the one being attentively gift-wrapped by the passenger of the SUV.

Aerial footage of the aftermath showed both SUV occupants being treated at the scene, pants around their ankles.

Other reports indicate that the driver and his passenger were both injured in the collision, which happened while the deed was being done. »