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Saturday June 4th, 2022 night edition

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We see our history, and so ourselves, through the eyes of Americans now reaching their 80s.

But as a kind of pocket sociology of our time, it is utterly dominant.

Almost every story we now tell ourselves about our country fits into some portion of the early-boomer life arc.

And our politics is implicitly directed toward recapturing some part of the magic of the mid-20th-century America of boomer youth.

But it was not so simple either, particularly for people at the margins of the powerful mainstream consensus of the age.

Younger Americans imagine that starting a family and owning a home was much easier for previous generations than it really was.

They buy the broad outlines of the boomers’ nostalgia and take it to mean they are inheriting a desiccated society. »

Bowing to the Prince

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Over a year later, however, it appears that the president plans to travel to Saudi Arabia in the first Middle East visit of his presidency.

But the problem is not just that a presidential visit to Riyadh would so obviously illustrate a compromise on principles.

Any presidential visit to a foreign country is a high-stakes affair, and the stakes in Saudi Arabia could not be higher. »

Republican Congressman Blames Mass Shootings on Women Having Rights

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As Jezebel’s Laura Bassett noted, that‘s a pretty rich explanation given that you don’t typically hear about mass shootings being carried out by women who’ve undergone abortions, probably because mass shootings are almost exclusively the domain of men, a not insignificant number of which are violent misogynists (and racists and antisemites, etc).

The U.K. legalized abortion five years before the U.S., yet strangely, it doesn’t seem to have the same problem with mass shootings.

The former House speaker knows a little something about not having a backbone when it comes to the ex-president. »

Hundreds of Tesla owners say their cars stop for no reason; US investigating

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It also asks whether the company's "Full Self Driving" and automatic emergency braking systems were active at the time of any incident.

The agency began investigating phantom braking in Tesla's Models 3 and Y last February after getting 354 complaints.

It also asks if the automated systems detected a target obstacle, and whether Tesla has video of the braking incidents. »