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Thursday June 2nd, 2022 night edition

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Perhaps the most illustrative example of the current legal landscape is Castle Rock v. Gonzales, a Supreme Court case from 2005.

Jessica Gonzales, the lawsuit’s plaintiff, had begged the police department in Castle Rock, Colorado, in 1999 to enforce a restraining order against her ex-husband after he absconded with their three daughters.

The officers made no efforts to locate or arrest him until her ex-husband showed up at the police station early the next morning and died in a shootout with the police.

Gonzales sued the police department under Section 1983, the federal tort that allows people to sue state and local officials in federal court for violating their federal constitutional rights.

A federal district court judge ruled against her, as did a three-judge panel in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Tenth Circuit then reinstated her lawsuit, after using a rare procedure to reconsider it with all judges taking part.

In a 7–2 decision in 2005, the court sided with the city and the police. »

Kerala lesbian couple, separated by parents, reunited by high court

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The Kerala High Court on Tuesday allowed Adhila Nassrin and Fathima Noora, a lesbian couple, to live together on a habeas corpus plea.

A division bench of justices K Vinod Chandran and C Jayachandran allowed a habeas corpus petition moved by Adhila.

In the plea, Adhila (22) said her partner Fathima (23) was allegedly abducted by her relatives last week. »

Man dies searching for Frisbees in Florida lake amid alligator warnings

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A man died searching for Frisbees in a lake at a disc golf course where people are warned by signs to beware of alligators, police in Florida have said.

The man who died was 47 years old, the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission said in an email.

The commission said a contracted specialist was working to remove an alligator from the lake “and efforts will be made to determine if it was involved in this situation”. »

Veteran Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto has retired

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Veteran Final Fantasy producer and former franchise brand manager Shinji Hashimoto has today announced his retirement.

Hashimoto joined Square Enix in 1995 and was a producer or executive producer on virtually every Final Fantasy instalment since 1997’s Final Fantasy 7.

As well as the release of a new Final Fantasy 16 trailer, the publisher has confirmed that Final Fantasy 7 announcements are on the way. »

World of Warcraft wants you to promise you'll be nice to people

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World of Warcraft (opens in new tab) wants you to agree to be nice to other players with the introduction of a social contract.

"Azeroth is a living world full of people like you—other players with different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and histories who have all come together to play World of Warcraft," the contract's introduction reads.

Here is the new "Social Contract" that is coming to World of Warcraft in 9.2.5 12, 2022 See more. »