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Saturday May 28th, 2022 night edition

image for 115 Russian national guard soldiers sacked for refusing to fight in Ukraine

More than 100 Russian national guardsmen have been fired for refusing to fight in Ukraine, court documents show, in what looks to be the clearest indication yet of dissent among some parts of security forces over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The cases of the 115 national guardsmen, a force also known as Rosgvardia, came to light on Wednesday, after a local Russian court rejected their collective lawsuit that challenged their earlier sacking.

The appeal took place in Nalchik, the capital of the Kabardino-Balkarian republic in the Russian Caucasus, where the unit is based.

Since Moscow’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, its military has reportedly been plagued by poor morale, with reports of soldiers claiming they did not know they were going to war until they crossed into Ukraine.

Andrei Sabinin, the lawyer who represented the 115 soldiers, said the court’s decision was “unprecedentedly quick” given the complexity of the case.

According to Sabinin, the commanders of the Rosgvardia unit offered the soldiers the option not to fight and their dismissal was illegal.

“The commander explained that all employees of the national guard and the Russian armed forces were assigned specific tasks during the special operation in Ukraine. »

After 30 years, the world can now play the lost Marble Madness II

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That changed this week, though, with the unexpected and unexplained leak of a full Marble Madness II ROM that can now be played by the world at large.

The second, trackball-free, Marble-Man-free Marble Madness II prototype reportedly didn't do much better than the first in limited location tests.

Marble Madness designer Mark Cerny, who was not involved with the development of either sequel prototype, told Next Generation magazine in 1997 that "at most 10 to 12 boards exist" of the ill-fated Marble Madness II. »

Strippers can apparently better forecast the market than your finance bro

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Since its posting on May 19, the tweet has garnered over 120,000 likes and nearly 15,000 retweets.

As strippers, “we always have to be aware of fluctuations in the market and how upper class white men are behaving and spending their money,” the user continued.

The person ended their series of tweets by concluding that, “every single stripper I know is a better trend forecaster than any finance bro or marketing exec.”. »