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Thursday May 26th, 2022 evening edition

image for Work begins to turn 99,000 hectares in England into ‘nature recovery’ projects

Up to 99,000 hectares of land in England, from city fringes to wetlands, will be focused on supporting wildlife in five major “nature recovery” projects, the government has said.

Work in the projects will range from converting farmland into chalk grassland to restoring “dewponds” and managing wetlands and other land sustainably.

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Projects will also develop plans to work with communities in cities and deprived areas to improve their access to nature, including creating new green areas and improved footpaths and bridleways.

The Natural England chair, Tony Juniper, added: “Nature recovery can only occur if we take action at scale, and that can only work through partnerships.

In the first year, partners will deliver 11 projects working with landowners, restoring habitats and storing carbon.

The project covers 10,000 hectares, including nearly 1,400 hectares of existing protected areas and priority habitat. »

UK to make Irish an official language in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has confirmed the U.K. government has launched a bill to make Irish an official language in Northern Ireland | Leon Neal/Getty Images.

The U.K. government has launched a bill to make Irish an official language in Northern Ireland, where unionists have long resisted the move as threatening to their own British identity.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis confirmed the step just days after ordering the U.K. region’s Department of Health to roll out fully state-funded abortion services, another move previously obstructed by unionists in the Northern Ireland Assembly. »

Onlookers urged police to charge into Texas school

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People walk with flowers to honor the victims in Tuesday's shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

Upset that police were not moving in, he raised the idea of charging into the school with several other bystanders.

After running inside, he fired on two arriving Uvalde police officers who were outside the building, said Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Travis Considine. »

PS5 Exclusive Returnal Could Arrive on PC Soon

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If a recent Steamdb listing is any indication, PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal could be announced for PC soon.

As for Returnal, if it gets announced officially, it will be the first PS5 exclusive to arrive for PC.

Let’s just hope that they announce Returnal for PC as it would be a great news for PC community. »

Bloober Team Turned Down the Opportunity to Make a Saw Game In Order to Make Blair Witch

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Horror game developer Bloober Team was offered the chance to make a Saw video game, but opted to create its take on Blair Witch instead.

Bloober is widely rumored to be working on a Silent Hill game for Konami, with some reports centring on a remake of Silent Hill 2.

We could [have chosen] Saw, which is more popular than Blair Witch, but we decided to take Blair Witch because the universe has many opportunities to build something new. »