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Wednesday May 25th, 2022 night edition

image for Russia Raises Territorial Questions For Finland Ahead of NATO Application

Russia has voiced concern over the prospect of Finland and Sweden joining NATO after they were prompted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia's Permanent Representative to the European Union, Vladimir Chizhov, said Finland's membership in NATO would raise two specific territorial issues, according to a RU News 24 report.

"As for Finland, I immediately have a question on two aspects," the Russian news agency RIA Novosti quoted Chizhov as saying, according to RU News 24.

He cited the self-governing Åland Islands, which lie in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, and the canal, which runs for 27 miles to the city of Vyborg inside Russia.

Last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov reiterated that Russia would not accept Finland or Sweden joining NATO.

Finland shares an 807-mile border with Russia and gained independence from the nation in 1917.

Finland has been increasing its military budget amid fears that Russia will retaliate after its Nordic neighbor announced its wish to apply to join NATO. »

Cheap gel film pulls buckets of drinking water per day from thin air

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have now demonstrated a low-cost gel film that can pull many liters of water per day out of even very dry air.

Those two components work together to make a gel film that can absorb water from the air and then release it on demand, without requiring much energy.

In tests, the gel film was able to wring an astonishing amount of water out of the air. »

Thousands of detained Uyghurs pictured in leaked Xinjiang police files

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It includes thousands of photographs of detained people and details a shoot-to-kill policy for people who try to escape.

In October, the Associated Press reported that Chinese authorities had scaled back many of the most controversial methods adopted in Xinjiang.

She tweeted: “Horrified by the Xinjiang Police Files, which spotlight China’s mass incarceration of Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minorities.” »

Study reveals fish in Florida waters contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs

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A recently published three-year study out of Florida International University discovered pharmaceuticals present in bonefish living off the South Florida coast.

MIAMI – A recently published three-year study out of Florida International University discovered pharmaceuticals present in the blood and tissue of bonefish living off the South Florida coast.

Examples of drugs found in the fish include blood pressure medications, antidepressants, prostate treatments, antibiotics and pain relievers, researchers said. »

How to Make Biden’s Free World Strategy Work

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Yet critics of the democracy-autocracy thesis aren’t wrong to argue that the world isn’t quite so simple.

He must then flesh out his concept of the “free world,” a familiar term that can be more flexible than it sounds.

But it is this combination of autocracy, capability, and aggressive conduct that the free world must organize itself to meet. »