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Saturday May 21st, 2022 night edition

image for Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, pressed Ariz. lawmakers to help reverse Trump’s loss, emails show

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, the conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, pressed Arizona lawmakers after the 2020 election to set aside Joe Biden’s popular-vote victory and choose “a clean slate of Electors,” according to emails obtained by The Washington Post.

“Article II of the United States Constitution gives you an awesome responsibility: to choose our state’s Electors,” read the Nov. 9 email.

A spokeswoman for the Supreme Court did not respond to messages seeking comment from Clarence Thomas.

Ginni Thomas has insisted that she and her husband have kept their work separate, but her political activism has set her apart from other Supreme Court spouses.

Thomas sent the emails via, a website meant to give political organizers an efficient means of conducting email campaigns.

In urging Arizona lawmakers to “choose” electors after Biden had already prevailed, Thomas’s messages claimed lawmakers could intervene in that process.

Clever lawyers or the Supreme Court, they cannot now come to the rescue,” he continues. »

Saber Interactive is working on the Star Wars KOTOR remake with Aspyr

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Saber Interactive is working on the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, alongside Aspyr.

As part of Embracer Group’s Q4 financial report, board member Matthew Karch announced that Saber Interactive, which most recently released Evil Dead, is now working on the project.

“Aspyr has gone full in to make this the best game that they can make,” Karch said. »

Man in Japan gambles COVID town funds mistakenly sent to him

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Police said they arrested Sho Taguchi, a 24-year-old jobless resident, in the town of Abu town in western Japan, on suspicion of computer fraud, on Wednesday.

Sho Taguchi, a 24-year-old jobless resident in the town of Abu in western Japan, was arrested on Wednesday, Yamaguchi prefectural police said. »

Ex-deputy gets 18 years after detainees drown in locked van

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“This was a deliberate act set in motion by a pompous, stubborn man,” Green's sister Donnela Green-Johnson told the judge.

Flood and the deputy with him, Joshua Bishop, were eventually rescued from the top of the transport van, authorities said.

Flood, will remember my mom by hearing her screams in the back of that van.". »

Trump claims immigrants are voting illegally. The real problem is foreign fat cats funding US campaigns

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In fact, voter fraud is exceptionally rare, and claims that widespread numbers of undocumented immigrants are voting have been repeatedly discredited.

There is a problem of foreigners influencing American elections, however – but it has nothing to do with immigrants or fraudulent voting.

OK, but how to get this proposal enacted, when big American-based corporations with significant foreign investment have so much influence over Congress?. »