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Wednesday May 18th, 2022 night edition

image for Finland's Parliament approves Nato application in historic vote

Finnish MPs on Tuesday approved the decision to apply for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) in a vote of 188 in favour to 8 against.

Three MPs were marked as absent in the vote.

On Sunday, President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) announced that Finland will seek to join the Nato alliance.

The issue then moved to Parliament for a lengthy debate that began on Monday and a subsequent vote.

Parliament's approval means that the president and government are now able to put the official application process into motion, possibly as soon as later on Tuesday.

The vote was required after Left Alliance MP Markus Mustajärvi tabled a counter-motion, arguing that Finland should remain militarily non-aligned.

A total of 212 speeches were made to Parliament during the 14-hour plenary session that preceded the vote. »

Dallas Bans Pet Store Sales of Puppies and Kittens

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Dallas City Council members banned the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores across the city Wednesday.

The Humane Pet Store Ordinance takes effect in six months.

It gives Dallas Petland, the one Dallas store that is still selling live animals, a chance to wind down that business. »

Man mistakenly sent 46.3 mil. yen in COVID funds gambles it all away

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A 24-year-old man mistakenly sent 46.3 million yen ($360,000) in COVID-19 relief money by the western Japan town he resides in, says he gambled it all away on overseas casino sites, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.

The lawyer said that the man lives alone and no one else is believed to be involved in the matter.

Last Thursday, the town sued the man for around 51 million yen for the full return of the funds plus legal fees. »

GTA 5 Passes 165 Million Sold, As Red Dead Redemption 2 Reaches 44 Million

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Take-Two also revealed a new sales number for Red Dead Redemption II; it has now sold 44 million copies, which is up from 43 million back in February.

The series has sold 67 million copies, which means 2010's Red Dead Redemption 1 shifted around 23 million copies.

Both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 make even more money from microtransaction sales within their online modes. »

Mesa garbage trucks catching on fire due to hazardous materials in trash

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City officials said there have been six garbage truck fires in the last two months because people are throwing away hazardous materials in the trash.

“We want residents to know that hazardous materials never should go in a trash or container,” said Mariano Reyes with the City of Mesa Environmental Management and Sustainability.

Items like batteries, aerosol cans, pool chemicals and propane gas tanks should be dropped off at the Mesa Hazardous Materials Facility. »