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Wednesday May 18th, 2022 morning edition

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Canada is moving to ban Russian nationals sanctioned over the invasion of Ukraine from entering the country.

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino announced the move on Tuesday, 82 days after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine, leading to a bloody and prolonged conflict.

“Once in force, these amendments … will apply to all foreign nationals subject to sanctions by Canada, and any accompanying family members.”.

Read more: Canada boosting NATO military role as alliance eyes major strategic shift over Russia.

Government bills are typically introduced in the House of Commons first but can go in reverse order as well.

While the Senate also rises next week, once it returns it will sit until June 30.

Getting the bill through the Senate first is expected to help speed up passage once it comes to the House of Commons, said one official. »

Georgia students sue over blocked protest against rebel flag

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The students, joined by their mothers as plaintiffs, already made news when their protest at Coosa High School was stifled last fall.

They also allege unfair punishment: Students are banned from wearing Black Lives Matter shirts, but Confederate flag apparel is acceptable under the school’s dress code, the lawsuit says.

Lawyers also allege the preemptive shutdown of the protest and demands that students not post on social media violated students’ First Amendment rights. »

GTA 5 Passes 165 Million Sold, As Red Dead Redemption 2 Reaches 44 Million

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Take-Two also revealed a new sales number for Red Dead Redemption II; it has now sold 44 million copies, which is up from 43 million back in February.

The series has sold 67 million copies, which means 2010's Red Dead Redemption 1 shifted around 23 million copies.

Both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 make even more money from microtransaction sales within their online modes. »

Dallas Bans Pet Store Sales of Puppies and Kittens

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Dallas City Council members banned the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores across the city Wednesday.

The Humane Pet Store Ordinance takes effect in six months.

It gives Dallas Petland, the one Dallas store that is still selling live animals, a chance to wind down that business. »

Mesa garbage trucks catching on fire due to hazardous materials in trash

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City officials said there have been six garbage truck fires in the last two months because people are throwing away hazardous materials in the trash.

“We want residents to know that hazardous materials never should go in a trash or container,” said Mariano Reyes with the City of Mesa Environmental Management and Sustainability.

Items like batteries, aerosol cans, pool chemicals and propane gas tanks should be dropped off at the Mesa Hazardous Materials Facility. »