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Monday May 16th, 2022 day edition

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A Bay Area police officer has been charged with masturbating in front of a family that called police during a fraught domestic violence call.

An unidentified individual whose family put a domestic violence restraining order against him had allegedly violated the order and was at the family’s home, according to a statement of facts provided by the District Attorney’s Office.

The mother, identified in the statement as Ms. S, the father, Mr. A, and their 23-year-old daughter called police.

Dominguez and two other officers arrived at the scene, with the former taking the “lead investigative role,” per the statement.

“Officer Dominguez took interest in her and continued to interact almost exclusively with her,” the statement read.

After she gave the officer a possible location, Dominguez allegedly ordered the other two officers to conduct the search.

The daughter then asked Dominguez about her brother’s GPS monitor, which they — and Ms. S, the mother — went to retrieve together. »

The Buffalo Shooter’s Manifesto Relied on the Same White Supremacist Conspiracy Pushed by Tucker Carlson

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The theory is popular among white supremacists and is predicated on the racist falsehood that white people are purposely being replaced by people of color.

“Zip code 14208 in Buffalo has the highest black percentage that is close enough to where I live,” a line from the manifesto reads.

After all, embracing Carlson’s white supremacist views is now the bread and butter for the rest of the GOP. »

Snapchat co-founder pays off college debt of new graduates at L.A. art and design school

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She enrolled at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles to become a graphic designer — even though she racked up about $70,000 in college debt to do so.

The donation comes as student loan debt has soared in the last few decades, driven by rising college costs and less public funding to cover them.

The college offers programs in communication arts, digital media, environmental design, fashion design, fine arts, product design and toy design. »