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Sunday May 15th, 2022 day edition

image for Poll shows confidence in Supreme Court was spiraling even before leak

But new polling data suggests most Americans simply aren’t buying these justices’ claims.

As it turns out, rolling back civil rights until they resemble the Redemption era is deeply unpopular.

The poll found half of registered voters now have little or no confidence in the Supreme Court.

Specifically, 26 percent of respondents said they have no confidence in the court at all, while 24 percent said they have “a little” confidence.

Just 37 percent said they have “some” confidence, and a meager 14 percent said they have “a lot” of confidence in the court.

Republicans, independents and Democrats all showed less confidence in the court now than they did in 2020, the poll found.

This new poll underscores why conservatives are getting mouthy in defense of the court: They can sense the public’s growing intolerance for its draconian rulings. »

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gets Another 16+ Rating Detailing Violent and Sexual Content

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been given a rating in Singapore and the rating description has outlined all the violent and sexual content in the game.

In their description, the rating board has provided a general outline of the story as well as the mature content that is included in the game.

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ is a turn-based, strategy roleplaying game set in the Marvel universe. »

EU Considers Gas Price Cap in Russian Supply Disruption Scenario

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The European Commission is mapping out energy-market intervention measures as part of a package to replace Russian gas imports after the invasion of Ukraine.

Concern over gas supplies are weighing on European energy markets as Moscow retaliates to EU penalties with its own curbs against some gas companies in the region.

“One possibility would be to limit price formation during this disruption scenario by capping the price on European gas exchanges, but such a price cap can in general be introduced in different ways and can intervene at different levels of the gas value chain,” the commission said in the document. »

Obama says he is 'proud' of abortion-rights protesters, encourages Americans to 'join a march near you'

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Obama's call for voter participation comes after the Senate failed to advance a bill that would enshrine abortion rights in federal law.

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Former President Barack Obama applauded abortion rights protesters on Saturday and called for more people to engage in activism. »

At least 10 dead in mass shooting at Buffalo, New York, supermarket in alleged hate crime

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At least 10 people are dead and another three wounded after a mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, that authorities said was a "racially motivated hate crime.".

The scene is no longer active and no other suspects are outstanding, a law enforcement official said.

Early indications are the shooter may have possessed extremist beliefs cultivated online, law enforcement sources told ABC News. »