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Saturday May 14th, 2022 evening edition

image for 800 employees resign after company asks them to work from office

As the Covid situation has improved, several companies have already called their employees to office, ending the work from home (WFH).

However, it seems some employees want to work from home further.

Recently, hundreds of employees have resigned when a company asked them to come to the office.

Over 800 WhiteHat Jr employees have resigned from the kids online coding learning edtech start-up in the last two months after being asked to work from office.

On March 18, the company announced the policy to end work from home and asked remote employees to return to office by April 18.

It is not right to call back employees in such a short period of time,” the former WhiteHat Jr employee said.

At the time of hiring, employees were told about their job location – WhiteHat Jr has offices in Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru. »

Russian Annexation of Occupied Ukraine Is Putin’s Unacceptable “Off-Ramp”

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Key Takeaway: Russian President Vladimir Putin likely intends to annex occupied southern and eastern Ukraine directly into the Russian Federation in the coming months.

He will likely then state, directly or obliquely, that Russian doctrine permitting the use of nuclear weapons to defend Russian territory applies to those newly annexed territories.

Widespread Russian atrocities against Ukrainian civilians are part of the established Kremlin playbook to gain control over occupied areas.[2]. »

California to open first new state park in 13 years

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It will become the first new state park established since 2009, when the U.S. Army donated four miles of beaches in Monterey County to become Fort Ord Dunes State Park.

Last year, state parks officials attempted to purchase a sprawling, hilly 50,000-acre property near Livermore to establish a new state park.

Quintero noted that the San Joaquin Valley has the fewest state parks of any region in the state. »

Grading firm Wata is facing a lawsuit for allegedly ‘manipulating the retro game market’

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A class-action lawsuit has been brought against game grading firm Wata, which plaintiffs accuse of unfair business practices and “manipulating the retro video game market”.

Every game mentioned above was graded by Wata, a company that gives games a numerical grade depending on their quality.

Although game grading companies already existed before Wata, following its inception in 2018 Wata quickly became considered the authority. »

Boris Johnson says people should work in-person again because when he works from home he gets distracted by cheese

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He said that he and others get distracted by things like making coffee at home and cheese in the fridge.

He said people "hack off a small piece of cheese" and then forget whatever they were working on.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for Brits to return to work in-person because he is worried that they'd get distracted by cheese at home, according to the the Daily Mail. »