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Wednesday May 11st, 2022 day edition

image for Family of 6-year-old who ran marathon visited by child protective services, parents speak out

EMBED >More News Videos The parents of Rainier Crawford, 6, are receiving criticism on social media for having him run a full 26.2-mile marathon alongside them.

I don't know who needs to hear this but a six year old cannot fathom what a marathon will do to them physically.

A six year who is "struggling physically" does not realize they have the right to stop and should.

In the accompanying caption, they wrote in part, "Yesterday Child Protective Services (CPS) arrived at our home unannounced and interviewed our children, parents & grandmother.

"Experts say a marathon is a serious physical feat for anyone and it can take a toll on a child.

"Children may have a harder time recognizing warning signs of dehydration, exhaustion or other red flags.

Parents and caregivers should consult with a child's pediatrician before a child is permitted to engage in any strenuous exercise. »

Alexander Subbotin is 7th Russian Oligarch to Mysteriously Die This Year

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Alexander Subbotin is at least the seventh Russian oligarch to die under strange circumstances this year.

Subbotin, the billionaire former top manager of Russian oil producer Lukoil, was found dead on Sunday in a shaman's home in Mytishchi, a city just northeast of Moscow, Russian news agency TASS reported.

Alexander Tyulyakov, who worked for Russian energy giant Gazprom, was found dead in a cottage near St. Petersburg on February 25. »

Schumer says he sees no issue with peaceful protests at houses of Supreme Court justices

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“Are you comfortable with the protests that we saw outside the homes of Supreme Court justices over the weekend?”

The American way to peacefully protest is OK,” Schumer said before checking his ringing phone, noting his wife was calling him.

The news comes as the Senate on Monday passed a bill Monday by unanimous consent that would extend security protections to the immediate family members of Supreme Court justices. »

Trump inquired if China could make hurricanes to harm US, ex-officials say

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Rolling Stone quoted a second former official as saying: “I was present [once] when he asked if China ‘made’ hurricanes to send to us.

In August 2019, the website Axios reported that in a briefing on hurricanes, Trump told top officials: “I got it.

“His staff would say they’d look into, knowing that more often than not, he’d forget about it quickly – much like a toddler. »

UN receiving ‘credible’ information about Ukrainian troops torturing Russian prisoners, official says

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Matilda Bogner, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, said there is “credible” information regarding the mistreatment of Russian prisoners by Ukrainian troops during the war.

“We have received credible information of torture, ill-treatment and incommunicado detention by Ukrainian Armed Forces of prisoners of war belonging to the Russian armed forces and affiliated armed groups,” Bogner said on Tuesday.

The “inhumane treatment” is occurring among captured Ukrainian and Russian soldiers as they are “being coerced to make statements, apologies and confessions, and other forms of humiliation.”. »