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Tuesday May 10th, 2022 evening edition

image for Lithuania recognises war in Ukraine as genocide, Russia as terrorist state

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian parliament voted unanimously to recognise Russia’s war against Ukraine as genocide.

The resolution passed with 128 votes in favour, none against and no abstentions.

It states that Russia's armed forces and mercenaries have committed mass war crimes on Ukrainian territory, in particular in Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, Borodyanka and Hostomel.

"The Seimas recognises the full-scale armed aggression – war – against Ukraine by the armed forces of the Russian Federation and its political and military leadership [...] as genocide against the Ukrainian people," the resolution reads.

It also stresses that all perpetrators must be held accountable and that the international community must establish a Special International Criminal Tribunal to investigate and assess Russia’s crimes.

The parliament calls for the tribunal to have the power to issue international arrest warrants and not be limited by state immunity or the immunity of the heads of state and government and other public officials.

"The Russian Federation, whose military forces deliberately and systematically target civilian targets, is a state that supports and perpetrates terrorism," the resolution reads. »

Downed Russian fighter jets are being found with basic GPS 'taped to the dashboards,' UK defense minister says

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Russia is taping basic GPS devices to its fighter jets' dashboards, the UK's defense minister said.

Wrecked Russian fighter jets are being found with rudimentary GPS receivers "taped to the dashboards" in Ukraine because their inbuilt navigation systems are so bad, the UK's defense secretary, Ben Wallace, said.

He instead praised Russian troops fighting in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine and slammed NATO and the US. »

Sony nears 20 million PS5s sold and expects more supply this year

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As usual for the PS5, this is merely a measure of how many systems Sony is capable of producing.

But Sony is indicating that it expects to produce more hardware this year compared to its last fiscal reporting period.

Sony sold 7.8 million PlayStation 5s in fiscal 2020 as opposed to the 11.5 million in fiscal 2021. »

Trump was the 'biggest leaker of all' in his administration and it was 'generally bad' for the country, his former Pentagon chief says

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"Leaks were a chronic problem" in the Trump administration, Esper wrote in his new book.

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Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper in his new book said that "leaks were a chronic problem" in the Trump administration and former President Donald Trump was the "biggest leaker of all.". »

"Our soldiers are defending our motherland in Ukraine," Vladamir Putin

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Putin said the Russian troops in Ukraine were defending their homeland and portrayed the invasion of Ukraine as the continuation of World War II.

While addressing the Russian forces on the front in Ukraine, he said: "You are fighting for the Motherland, for its future, so that no one forgets the lesson of the Second World War.".

Putin has insisted that the "special military operations in Kyiv and its Western allies had been preparing an invasion of our historical lands.". »