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Sunday May 8th, 2022 morning edition

image for Republican Party’s fear of debate highlights our slide toward authoritarianism

In 2013, we pulled off Cambodia’s first televised debate that included the participation of the ruling Cambodia People’s Party (CPP) on a stage alongside the opposition.

The negotiation process with the government was painstaking, and I spent hours with the CPP party chair convincing him that a debate was advantageous.

It looks weak to refuse a debate; it signals fear of losing and insecurity about your arguments.

Then a more discouraging realization seeped in — this is another sign the U.S. is moving backwards.

The U.S. has supported candidate debates through our foreign aid as an important benchmark in democracy.

Like elsewhere, the RNC is also complaining about debate rules, and the behavior they try to enforce.

If the U.S. is unable to hold a presidential debate, it speaks volumes about the underlying health of our democracy. »

Putin 'doesn't believe he can afford to lose' in Ukraine: CIA chief

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Washington (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that he cannot afford to lose in Ukraine and is "doubling down" on the war, but shows no signs of planning to use tactical nuclear weapons, CIA director Bill Burns said Saturday.

"I think he's in a frame of mind in which he doesn't believe he can afford to lose," Burns said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes he cannot afford to lose in Ukraine, despite setbacks in the war, according to the US CIA chief. »

Xbox downtime leaves some users unable to boot games

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Some Xbox users were left unable to purchase or launch games for 12 hours on Friday and Saturday, after Microsoft’s servers experienced a major outage.

The server issues were first acknowledged by Microsoft’s support team at 1:46pm PT / 9:46pm BST on Friday, when it said it was aware that some users were unable to “purchase games, launch games or start Cloud Gaming sessions.”.

At the time of publishing this story, Xbox Support has acknowledged that some users are still unable to access media streaming apps such as Netflix and Disney+. »

Forward Decision Advantage: Mission Command in Warfighting and Intelligence

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Mission command is the concept of allowing the forwardmost commander – regardless of rank – freedom to execute the mission according to their own judgement.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that analytical “mission command” inadequacies were behind the Russian intelligence failures in the lead up to the invasion.

The Ukrainian intelligence services will probably learn lessons from their close collaboration with allied intelligence services, and much as the military has almost certainly absorbed the value of mission command on the battlefield, if Ukrainian intelligence is smart, it will absorb similar lessons around analytic “mission command”. »