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Sunday May 8th, 2022 day edition

image for A $34.99 Goodwill purchase turned out to be an ancient Roman bust that's nearly 2,000 years old

(CNN) A $34.99 purchase got one Texas woman an unexpected piece of art from ancient Roman times.

Back in August 2018, Laura Young was shopping in an Austin-area Goodwill when she stumbled upon a 52-pound marble bust.

"I was just looking for anything that looked interesting," Young said, and when she saw it, she knew she had to have it.

"It was a bargain at $35, there was no reason not to buy it," Young said.

She told CNN Friday she has been reselling her antique finds since 2011.

After the transaction, she knew she had to do some digging to see if the piece had any history to it. »

Ukraine war: WHO begins gathering war crimes evidence of Russian attacks on health facilities

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is gathering evidence for a possible war crimes investigation into attacks it says it has documented by Russia on healthcare facilities in Ukraine, it said in Kyiv on Saturday.

"Intentional attacks on healthcare facilities are a breach of international humanitarian law and as such - based on investigation and attribution of the attack - represent war crimes in any situation," Ryan said.

Russia has denied previous accusations by Ukraine and Western nations of possible war crimes and has also denied targeting civilians in the war. »

Xbox downtime leaves some users unable to boot games

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Some Xbox users were left unable to purchase or launch games for 12 hours on Friday and Saturday, after Microsoft’s servers experienced a major outage.

The server issues were first acknowledged by Microsoft’s support team at 1:46pm PT / 9:46pm BST on Friday, when it said it was aware that some users were unable to “purchase games, launch games or start Cloud Gaming sessions.”.

At the time of publishing this story, Xbox Support has acknowledged that some users are still unable to access media streaming apps such as Netflix and Disney+. »

Forward Decision Advantage: Mission Command in Warfighting and Intelligence

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Mission command is the concept of allowing the forwardmost commander – regardless of rank – freedom to execute the mission according to their own judgement.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that analytical “mission command” inadequacies were behind the Russian intelligence failures in the lead up to the invasion.

The Ukrainian intelligence services will probably learn lessons from their close collaboration with allied intelligence services, and much as the military has almost certainly absorbed the value of mission command on the battlefield, if Ukrainian intelligence is smart, it will absorb similar lessons around analytic “mission command”. »