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Monday May 2nd, 2022 evening edition

image for Texas Gov. Abbott's border inspections prompt Mexico to move lucrative trade link to New Mexico

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's (R) 10-day-long "enhanced" safety inspections of commercial trucks entering the state from Mexico may have cost Texas $4.2 billion in economic damage, as estimated by Waco-based Perryman Group, but it's been great for business in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, a border crossing just across state lines from El Paso.

Trucks were re-routed through Santa Teresa when Abbott's inspections snarled commercial traffic at Texas border crossings, and now Mexico has decided to move a long-planned trade railway connection worth billions of dollars from Texas to the New Mexico crossing, The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday.

"We're now not going to use Texas," Mexican Economy Minister Tatiana Clouthier said.

"We can't leave all the eggs in one basket and be hostages to someone who wants to use trade as a political tool.".

Clouthier made her announcement in Mexico City on Thursday, a day before Abbott said he will be transferring another $500 million from other Texas agencies to finance his broader state border initiative, Operation Lone Star, which is already costing Texans more than $2 billion a year.

Jerry Pacheco, president of the Santa Teresa's Border Industrial Association, told the Morning News that Mexico has plenty of time to change its mind about the lucrative T-MEC Corridor trade link, but "the very fact that we're being discussed in the early stages is a positive thing."

"We also absolutely play politics with the border," Pacheco said, "but we play to bring more trade from Mexico through our New Mexico ports of entry, not to impede trade. »

California 100 percent powered by renewables for first time

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California 100 percent powered by renewables for first time.

tweeted Dan Jacobson, senior advisor to Environment California, who ran the campaign for SB 100, California's 2018 law requiring the state to use 100% clean energy by 2045.

"Once it hit 100% we were very excited," said Laura Deehan, executive director for Environment California. »

Sydney man admits pushing gay American off a cliff in 1988

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CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — A man told police he killed American mathematician Scott Johnson in 1988 by pushing the 27-year-old off a Sydney cliff in what prosecutors describe as a gay hate crime, a court heard on Monday.

The coroner also found that gangs of men roamed various Sydney locations in search of gay men to assault, resulting in the deaths of some victims.

she asked, referring to media reports of gay beatings in Sydney being described as a sport . »

Phone addicted gorilla is having to cut down his screen time

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With human trials set to start later this year, what does this mean for humanity as we know it?.

Last year, the company successfully implanted a chip into a pig’s brain to measure visual information and sensory data from its snout.

Pager was then taught to use a joystick to move a cursor to targets on a screen in exchange for a banana smoothie. »

Nintendo Switch Sports smashes to No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

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Nintendo Switch Sports is comfortably No.1 in the UK boxed charts this week, according to the latest GfK data.

By comparison, Nintendo Switch Sports has sold less than half of what those games managed during the launch week.

And Cricket 22: Official Game of The Ashes is in the charts at No.26 following the game's launch on Nintendo Switch. »