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Friday April 29th, 2022 evening edition

image for China says Nato has ‘messed up Europe’ and warns over role in Asia-Pacific

Truss also delivered a direct warning to China.

“Nato, a military organisation in the North Atlantic, has in recent years come to the Asia-Pacific region to throw its weight around and stir up conflicts,” Wang said.

“[China] will not continue to rise if they do not play by the rules.

“We have shown with Russia the kind of choices that we’re prepared to make when international rules are violated.”.

A recent China-EU summit was reportedly strained as Chinese representatives rebuffed pressure by European counterparts to help end the war.

“We have always made independent judgments based on the merits of the case,” he said, adding no further detail.

Truss has previously accused China and Russia being “aggressors working in concert”, telling Australian media she couldn’t rule out China using Russia’s invasion as an opportunity to launch its own act of aggression. »

Millions of Bees Bound for Alaska Are Rerouted and Die in Atlanta

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But this shipment, the airline told her, did not fit aboard the Seattle-bound flight and instead had been rerouted through the Delta hub in Atlanta.

Ms. McElrea was worried, considering that shipping bees comes with certain complications: The bees must be fed along the way (generally sugar water), and they must be kept cool.

Her concerns were well-placed — millions of the bees would die. »

Xi’s “Global Security Initiative” looks to counter Quad

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A new Global Security Initiative put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping will look to counter the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy and the Quad, according to Chinese officials.

A new Global Security Initiative put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping will look to counter the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy and the Quad – the India, U.S., Australia, Japan grouping – according to Chinese officials. »

Star Wars Jedi 2 is reportedly new gen only and won’t release until 2023

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The sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be released in 2023 for new gen systems, it’s been claimed.

“Star Wars Jedi 2 is going to be new-gen only, where it’s PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and then of course PC,” Grubb said.

EA officially announced a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in January, along with two other new Star Wars projects in development at Fallen Order development studio Respawn Entertainment. »

Putin Accepts Invitation to Attend G20 Summit, Setting Up Biden Showdown

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Biden and Putin could meet for the first time in person at the meeting since the beginning of the Russo-Ukraine war, if the Russian leader does attend.

"Putin expressed his gratitude for the invitation to the G20 summit and he said he would attend," Widodo said.

Earlier this week, Zelensky said in a statement on Twitter that he had "thanked Indonesian leader Joko Widodo for the invitation to attend the G20 summit.". »