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Thursday April 28th, 2022 morning edition

image for Newtown families ask judge to dismiss Alex Jones’ ‘bad faith’ bankruptcies as they await defamation damages

NEWTOWN — Eight Sandy Hook families and an FBI agent who won a defamation case against conspiracy extremist Alex Jones have asked a federal judge to dismiss bankruptcies Jones filed for three of his business entities, which has stalled trials to award damages.

The families are challenging the bankruptcy filings of three Jones-controlled business entities last week that stalled trials to award defamation damages to Sandy Hook families in Texas and Connecticut.

A second defamation awards trial was set to follow in Texas for parents of another slain Sandy Hook first-grader, followed by a defamation awards trial in August for the Sandy Hook families who won a defamation case against Jones in Connecticut.

The Sandy Hook families in the Texas cases last week asked the judge to deny Jones’ bankruptcy filings by attaching their complaint to that of a Justice Department official who oversees bankruptcy cases in southwest Texas.

Trustee Kevin Epstein, said in an objection that Jones’ filing “raises numerous questions — the answers to which may demonstrate these cases are an abuse of the bankruptcy system.”.

A ruling may come as soon as Friday, when Lopez has scheduled a conference.

Last week at the first hearing on the Jones’ bankruptcy cases, Lopez said he would take no action to sanction the bankruptcy process. »

Boeing Lost $1.1 Billion on Trump Air Force One Contract; CEO Regrets Deal

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Boeing has lost a total of $1.1 billion so far on costs associated with a deal to modify two 747 jumbo jets to serve as Air Force One.

Even more losses on the Air Force One contract could be coming in future quarters, Boeing warned in a regulatory filing.

Boeing's deal for the Air Force One jets was cut by then-CEO Dennis Muilenburg and then-President Donald Trump in February 2018. »

Plastic-eating Enzyme Could Eliminate Billions of Tons of Landfill Waste

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“Beyond the obvious waste management industry, this also provides corporations from every sector the opportunity to take a lead in recycling their products.

Through these more sustainable enzyme approaches, we can begin to envision a true circular plastics economy.”.

The model predicts which mutations in these enzymes would accomplish the goal of quickly depolymerizing post-consumer waste plastic at low temperatures. »

Fan Accidentally Buys Tickets to RHCP Cover Band + Is Pissed

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One rock fan was recently trying to score Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, but accidentally bought them for a cover band instead – and he's pissed.

He could have accidentally bought tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers instead, which are a bagpipe band.

Fortunately for Aaron, Red Hot Chili Peppers are headed to Detroit later this year on Aug. 14 at the Comerica Park stadium. »

Russian State TV Comforts Viewers on Nuclear War: 'We All Die Someday'

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Russian state TV hosts discussed the possibility of a war that expands outside of Ukraine on Tuesday, and Margarita Simonyan, journalist and head of RT, told viewers that a nuclear war would be OK because "we're all going to die someday.".

Major Russian channels have been known for vitriolic rhetoric being broadcast in an attempt to justify Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Simonyan continued, saying, "Everything will end with a nuclear strike is more probable than the other outcome. »