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Wednesday April 27th, 2022 day edition

image for Texas residents sue county for removing books on race, sex education

A group of residents in Llano County, Texas, is suing county officials for removing books from public libraries because officials "disagree with the ideas within them.".

The residents say the county is violating their first amendment rights by removing award-winning books from shelves due to their content and terminating "access to over 17,000 digital books” from the local library system.

It continued, “They are not places where the people in power can dictate what their citizens are permitted to read about and learn.

When government actors target public library books because they disagree with and intend to suppress the ideas contained within them, it jeopardizes the freedoms of everyone.”.

In December 2021, the Llano County Library shut down for several days to review the children’s books in the library.

Llano County is just one of many nationwide fired up about the restriction of subjects in public libraries and schools.

The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) has tracked a record-breaking number of book challenges, or attempts to ban or remove books, in 2021. »

Madison Cawthorn implicated in potential insider trading scheme, experts say

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EXCLUSIVE — Rep. Madison Cawthorn may have violated federal insider trading laws as he hyped up an alleged pump-and-dump cryptocurrency scheme, multiple watchdog groups told the Washington Examiner.

Brown's statement featured comments from Koutoulas, who was pictured with Cawthorn just a few hours prior.

But Hedtler-Gaudette, the government affairs manager for POGO, said that even if LGBCoin isn't considered a security, that won't render Cawthorn immune from insider trading laws. »

Russia threatens to attack Kyiv should Ukraine launch strikes on facilities in Russia

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KATERYNA TYSHCHENKO - TUESDAY, 26 APRIL 2022, 17:46 Russia's Defence Ministry is threatening to strike at "decision-making centres" in Kyiv if Ukraine attacks facilities in Russia.

In the same statement, Heappey said that the use of weapons of Ukrainian troops provided by London to strike at facilities in Russia would be "perfectly legitimate."

Background: On 13 April, Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry, threatened to launch missiles "at decision-making centres, including in Kyiv," if Ukrainians allegedly did not stop sabotaging Russia. »

Bethesda Adds Free Classic Elder Scrolls Games To Steam

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Now, as we get closer to the May 11 shutdown, Bethesda has started adding some of its classic games to Steam.

Today, Bethesda added five classic titles to Steam, mainly from the Elder Scrolls franchise, including two of its lesser-known and more obscure spin-offs, Redguard and Battlespire.

Starting tomorrow, April 27, Bethesda will allow players to migrate all of their games and wallet funds to Steam. »

What if the Ukraine victory scenario falters?

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The thinking goes that if we give them everything they need, inflict maximum pain on Russia Ukraine will win.

Adjacent to Russia and Moscow-dominated areas inside Ukraine, this phase of the war offers Moscow easier logistics and more difficult flat terrain for Ukraine to fight in.

Putin is massing troops and will likely throw everything he’s got left at Ukraine for as long as he can. »