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Thursday April 21st, 2022 night edition

image for Democrat who went viral for blasting ‘groomer’ slur accuses GOP of using ‘full fringe QAnon hateful rhetoric’

“Because odds are, a lot of us are probably pretty comfortable and okay, but that doesn’t mean that this is okay.

And we can’t stand back and let it happen,” she said.

“I sat on it for a while wondering, ‘Why me?’ And then I realised – I am the biggest threat to your hollow, hateful scheme,” she said in remarks on 19 April.

“You can’t claim that you are targeting marginalised kids in the name of ‘parental rights’ if another parent is standing up to say ‘no’.”.

But each and every single one of us bears responsibility for writing the next chapter of history.

“They got 72 per cent of the Senate seats, and it encourages going further and further to the fringes.”.

And unless we push back and vote them out of office, it’s not going to get any better.”. »

India’s first openly gay prince vows to “keeping fighting” for ‘conversion therapy’ ban

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The prince, who is the 39th direct descendant of India’s Gohil Rajput dynasty, has since dedicated his time to supporting LGBTQ+ causes and education.

However, the prince does not directly blame anyone, but the “ignorance” surrounding the understanding of LGBTQ+ people and “subjects”.

Four years before the prince was publicly out as gay, Gohil shared his truth with his family, which was rejected. »

Ohio doctor accused of overprescribing fentanyl to the dying found not guilty of murder

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(CNN) The Ohio doctor accused of overprescribing fentanyl to his critically ill patients and hastening their deaths was found not guilty of 14 counts of murder on Wednesday.

William Husel and his attorney embraced at the defense table after the 14th and final not guilty verdict was read in court.

William Husel was accused of overprescribing fentanyl to dying patients in the intensive care unit from 2015 to 2018. »

Persistent woodpecker boring a hole in the world's largest hockey stick in B.C.

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Duncan, B.C., is home to the world's largest hockey stick, and now it is about to become home to a persistent and pesky woodpecker.

The woodpecker seems determined to leave his mark on the 61,000 pound hockey stick, which is constructed out of Douglas Fir wooden beams and reinforced with steel.

The first person who noticed the “wood”-be homeowner was Lorraine Francisty, a figure skating coach at the community centre who has been walking under the hockey stick for years. »

A Mighty Sword: Iran’s Oil Caught Up In Russian Geopolitics – OpEd

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In late February, a few days after Russia invaded of Ukraine, Russia officially threatened to cut off its gas exports to Europe.

In this speculation, Iran certainly helped Moscow to paralyze Europe by using energy and force Europe to react to the campaign to occupy Ukraine.

In this light, Iran, with Russia’s help, has practically turned Europe’s winter into a frozen purgatory. »