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Tuesday April 19th, 2022 morning edition

image for Carjacker beats up 72-year-old, takes car, only to die in crash, police say

She’s lucky not to have been more seriously injured, but her assailant later crashed her car and died.

Shirlene Hernandez, 72, was on her way to a Shell gas station Tuesday morning, something she does every day, to get a Diet Coke.

On her way inside, a man grabbed her, hitting her several times in the face in a tussle to take her keys.

Hernandez said despite three men trying to tackle the attacker, he still got away with her car.

Not long after, police found her car on the interstate, totaled – and with the suspected carjacker dead inside.

“There’s a lot of people who would say what goes around comes around, karma.

I did not think that; the only thing I got (was) really sad because he had died,” Hernandez said. »

Zelensky: Liberation of all of Ukraine is only a matter of time

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Producing new artillery, aircraft, new helicopters and cruisers under sanctions will be a daunting task for Russia.

Every lost life is an argument for Ukrainians and other free nations to perceive Russia exclusively as a threat generation after generation.

It is only a matter of time when the whole territory of our state will be liberated. »

Americans could do taxes for free in just minutes — like other countries — but the IRS has been 'starved' of resources, the Treasury says

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Americans could do their taxes in minutes if the IRS had more funding, a Treasury official said.

Tax bills are due today — but the Treasury Department says the IRS needs more than your return to run at full capacity.

Sarin points to the example of other countries to look at what an "adequately funded tax administrator" would mean for Americans. »

Square Enix’s president says its Japanese studios shouldn’t try to imitate western developers

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The president of Square Enix has stated that the company’s Japanese studios shouldn’t try to make games aimed specifically at western players.

“But interestingly, if Japanese developers try to imitate Western games, they cannot make good ones.

Square Enix almost always relies on western studios to create games aimed at western audiences, while its Japanese studios work on games traditionally considered to be ‘Japanese’ in style, such as JRPGs. »

Germany approves rainbow flags on ministry buildings for LGBT events

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Germany says it has authorised raising the rainbow flag at federal government buildings to mark Pride marches or global LGBT+ events.

The Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that flying the rainbow flag “must be related to a concrete date".

This could include the June 28 anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall uprisings in New York that helped propel a global LGBT+ movement. »