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Sunday April 17th, 2022 night edition

image for Jewish man shelters refugees to honor those who saved his own family from the Holocaust

Jan Gebert says he is happy to offer his own bed to Ukrainians arriving in Warsaw.

Gebert is descended from Holocaust survivors, some of the few who lived through Hitler's obliteration of Warsaw's Jewish community , which was then the largest in Europe.

To not help others now is unthinkable to him, so he and his girlfriend repeatedly invite refugees to stay until they have somewhere more permanent.

He said global Jewish philanthropies, mainly in the US, have raised about $100 million to help Ukrainian refugees.

But asked what life could have been like if more of his relatives had been saved from the Nazis, he sounds almost wistful.

"If someone had helped those, my ancestors, my cousins, during the Holocaust, I will have much greater family next to me," he said.

"That would be wonderful -- to have a great big family in Warsaw, a Jewish family which survived the war, that would be the most beautiful, beautiful thing.". »

Switzerland wants Russian and Belarusians excluded from sports federations

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Switzerland is demanding that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) exclude Russian and Belarusian officials from top positions in international sports federations.

In March, a group of around 30 countries, including Switzerland, issued a declaration calling for effective measures to be taken by international sports federations against Russia and Belarus.

The IOC has much more effective means than the state and can exclude the federations from the Olympic family if necessary, he added. »

Gay parents called 'rapists' and 'pedophiles' in Amtrak incident

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The shouting started as the Amtrak train was stopped at Diridon Station in San Jose, Pierce said.

Before speaking with NBC News about the Tuesday night incident, the pair documented the event in a now-viral Twitter thread.

Amtrak said in a statement that it “strongly condemns this reprehensible act of hate” and that it was “conducting a full investigation on this incident.” »

More than 7,000 unclaimed dead Russian soldiers stored in Ukrainian morgues, government says

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Many families of Russian soldiers are being left in the dark about the fate of their loved ones.

More than 1,500 dead Russian soldiers are held in morgues in Dnipro, Ukraine, its deputy mayor Mykhailo Lysenko said on the TV channel Current Time on April 13.

According to reports, Russia has also transported thousands of dead soldiers to Belarus from Ukraine to disguise the number of soldiers killed. »

Microsoft is reportedly exploring integrating ads into free to play games

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Microsoft is reportedly exploring integrating advertisements, such as billboards or posters for real products, in its free to play games.

As reported by Business Insider (paywalled, transcribed by VGC), the tech giant is looking to further opportunities for developers to profit.

Microsoft is said to be aware that this may cause a bad reaction in some players, especially due to the stigma free-to-play games currently have regarding microtransactions and revenue streams. »