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Sunday April 17th, 2022 day edition

image for The first European Union leader to meet with Putin since the invasion of Ukraine says the Russian president 'believes he is winning the war'

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer was the first EU leader to meet with Putin since the invasion.

He also said Putin is "in his own war logic" and thinks Russia is winning the war.

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Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said Russian President Vladimir Putin is fairly confident about his military campaign in Ukraine, even after Russian forces withdrew from part of the country after weeks of stagnation.

Nehammer on Monday became the first European Union leader to meet with Putin since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

When asked by host Chuck Todd if Putin thought he was winning the war, Nehammer said he thinks "he believes he is winning the war.".

Russian troops have been regrouping for what is expected to be a new offensive in the eastern Donbas region. »

Senator 'In Shock' As Trump-Backed Neb. Governor Candidate Put Hand 'Up My Dress'

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He reportedly gave $1.3 million to Trump’s campaigns and attended the Jan. 6, 2021, rally outside the Capitol with members of Trump’s inner circle.

Trump has hailed Herbster, who considers himself a born-again Christian, as a “tremendous supporter of America First.”.

Under Nebraska state law, touching a person inappropriately without consent on the outside of their clothes constitutes third-degree sexual assault. »

Florida education officials reject 54 math textbooks for ‘attempts to indoctrinate students’

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54 textbooks submitted for the state of Florida's approved list have been rejected by the Florida Department of Education.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Dozens of math textbooks were rejected by the Florida Department of Education after officials said their publishers were attempting to indoctrinate students.

Common core is used in some math textbooks, and those would not be aligned to Florida’s BEST standards,” Pushaw said. »

Jewish man shelters refugees to honor those who saved his own family from the Holocaust

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Gebert is descended from Holocaust survivors, some of the few who lived through Hitler's obliteration of Warsaw's Jewish community , which was then the largest in Europe.

"If someone had helped those, my ancestors, my cousins, during the Holocaust, I will have much greater family next to me," he said.

"That would be wonderful -- to have a great big family in Warsaw, a Jewish family which survived the war, that would be the most beautiful, beautiful thing.". »

Microsoft is reportedly exploring integrating ads into free to play games

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Microsoft is reportedly exploring integrating advertisements, such as billboards or posters for real products, in its free to play games.

As reported by Business Insider (paywalled, transcribed by VGC), the tech giant is looking to further opportunities for developers to profit.

Microsoft is said to be aware that this may cause a bad reaction in some players, especially due to the stigma free-to-play games currently have regarding microtransactions and revenue streams. »