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Thursday April 14th, 2022 evening edition

image for Colleagues worry Dianne Feinstein is now mentally unfit to serve, citing recent interactions

Instead, the lawmaker said, they had to reintroduce themselves to Feinstein multiple times during an interaction that lasted several hours.

But some close to her said that on her most difficult days, she does not seem to fully recognize even longtime colleagues.

This person said that within the Senate, Feinstein has difficulty keeping up with conversations and discussions.

Each spoke on condition of anonymity, because they said they did not want to jeopardize their relationship with her and their mutual friends and colleagues.

In a statement provided to The Chronicle on March 28, Feinstein said she’s still performing her job well.

“Senator Feinstein is a workhorse for the people of California and a respected leader among her colleagues in the Senate,” Pelosi said.

In one instance, the former staffer recalled, they wanted Feinstein to sign off on something that would have advanced an important investigation. »

Russia warns of nuclear, hypersonic deployment if Sweden and Finland join NATO

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Finland, which shares a 1,300-km (810-mile) border with Russia, and Sweden are considering joining the NATO alliance.

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia's Security Council, said that should Sweden and Finland join NATO then Russia would have to strengthen its land, naval and air forces in the Baltic Sea.

Medvedev also explicitly raised the nuclear threat by saying that there could be no more talk of a "nuclear free" Baltic - where Russia has its Kaliningrad exclave sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania. »

2 Florida men from The Villages — a staunchly pro-Trump retirement community — have admitted to voting twice in the 2020 election

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Barnes and Ketcik both pleaded guilty to voting more than once during the 2020 election — a felony.

Two men from The Villages — a Florida retirement community known for its staunch support of former President Donald Trump — have pleaded guilty to voting more than once during the 2020 election.

The Florida Secretary of State notes that, in total, 75 individuals were referred to law enforcement in 2020 on complaints of election fraud. »

Trump Brags About Relationship To Putin As Fox News Shows Body Bags In Ukraine

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Almost as well as I know you, Sean,” Trump told his close confidante, Fox News host Sean Hannity, as the network aired graphic images of dead bodies and the damage left by Russian troops in Ukraine.

“I will tell you, we talked about it, we talked about it a lot, he did want Ukraine, but I said, ‘You’re not going into Ukraine,’” Trump continued.

Trump also called what was happening in Ukraine a “genocide,” joining President Joe Biden in characterizing Russia’s atrocities as such. »