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Wednesday April 13rd, 2022 morning edition

image for Biden says Putin committing ‘genocide’

President Biden on Tuesday accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine, an escalation of his administration’s rhetoric on Russia.

Biden made the remark when discussing recent efforts to address higher gas prices caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Biden administration has accused Putin of committing war crimes in Ukraine but has stopped short of deeming civilian killings “genocide,” a term that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has used.

Biden later affirmed his belief that Putin’s actions constitute genocide during an exchange with reporters, but said his lawyers would make the ultimate determination.

“It’s become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of being Ukrainian,” Biden said.

Asked last Monday if the killings in Bucha constituted genocide, Biden replied: “No, I think it is a war crime.”.

The administration subsequently accused Russia of deliberately targeting civilians in Ukraine, including a maternity hospital in Mariupol, and committing war crimes. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Joining Military Is 'Throwing Your Life Away'

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Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has said joining the military is like "throwing your life away" due to President Joe Biden's foreign policies.

Speaking to former Fox News host Lou Dobbs' podcast on April 9, Greene listed other reasons why people should not join the military, including the vaccine mandate and "woke" training.

Greene also appeared to be echoing the rhetoric of the QAnon conspiracy theory movement while describing the left as "satanic.". »

Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, say scientists

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In 2017, scientists at a Swedish university created an energy system that makes it possible to capture and store solar energy for up to 18 years, releasing it as heat when needed.

Solar energy is a variable renewable because for the most part it, it only works when the sun shines.

The solar energy system created at Chalmers back in 2017 is known as ‘MOST’: Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage Systems. »

Nintendo eShop’s front page currently features a hentai game ‘you can play with one hand’

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Nintendo has greenlit the release of another hentai game on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

As noted by a 2021 Nintendo Life report, Hentai Uni isn’t the first game approved for Nintendo Switch based on the sexualised manga genre.

Nintendo has noted that parents can use the parental control function on Switch to ensure their children don’t play games aimed at adults. »

Checks & Imbalances: Stop The Steal Organizer Amy Kremer Now Owes Almost $50,000 In Past-Due Fines To FEC

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Today, we look at Amy Kremer’s fines, Richard Grenell’s dinner guests and Donald Trump’s attorneys.

W omen Vote Smart PAC and its treasurer Amy Kremer now owe the Federal Election Commission at least $49,000 in past-due fines for failing to submit financial reports.

In a February 2019 filing, just before Kremer became the PAC’s treasurer, Women Vote Smart reported owing Trump’s D.C. hotel $40,000. »