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Tuesday April 12nd, 2022 evening edition

image for The Republican judge blocking her party from rigging electoral districts

Since January, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has served as the decisive vote on three separate occasions blocking Ohio Republicans from enacting proposed state legislative maps.

She also sided with Democrats to block an initial GOP proposal for congressional districts before going into effect in January.

A decade ago, she joined a dissent when the supreme court upheld the state legislative districts drawn by Republicans.

“I broke away from the mould in some people’s minds,” she would later say of that decision.

“Party affiliation should not – and people have to understand it should not – have anything to do with how a judge does their job.”.

She has backed criminal justice and bail reform, as other Ohio Republicans are pushing to make it harder for someone to be released on bond.

They were the only two members of the court who dissented in 2018 in the Toledo abortion clinic case. »

U.S. House Democrats introduce bill requiring time off for voting

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WASHINGTON, April 11 (Reuters) - A group of U.S. House of Representatives Democrats on Monday proposed legislation requiring employers give their workers paid time off to vote, following failed attempts by Congress to pass major voting rights legislation earlier this year.

A voting rights bill that was passed by the House in January but buried by the Senate would have established minimum federal voting standards so that any registered voter could request a mail-in ballot.

It also would have established at least two weeks of early voting and expanded use of ballot drop boxes that make voting more convenient in many areas. »

Nintendo eShop’s front page currently features a hentai game ‘you can play with one hand’

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Nintendo has greenlit the release of another hentai game on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

As noted by a 2021 Nintendo Life report, Hentai Uni isn’t the first game approved for Nintendo Switch based on the sexualised manga genre.

Nintendo has noted that parents can use the parental control function on Switch to ensure their children don’t play games aimed at adults. »

Putin's warning for the West: Vladimir vows 'consequences' for those who interfere in Ukraine

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Recent opinions polls by a Finnish market research company put 84% of Finns as viewing Russia as a 'significant military threat', up by 25% on last year.

Finland, along with neighbouring Sweden, has historically avoided NATO membership, despite close alignment with the West, in an effort not to provoke Russia.

Mr Peskov made clear that Russia would have to 'rebalance the situation' with its own measures were Sweden and Finland to join Nato. »

Russia Will Restart Moon Landings, Says Putin

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Russia will renew its lunar program with a new moon landing mission, President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday.

“We need to successfully stand up to the challenges of space exploration,” Putin said during a visit to the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s Far Eastern Amur region.

He also said that Russia would continue work on a “next-generation spaceship,” as well as nuclear space technology. »