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Tuesday April 12nd, 2022 day edition

image for Russian journalist who protested Ukraine war on-air is named correspondent for German news station

Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian TV journalist who interrupted a broadcast to protest the war in Ukraine, has a new job in Germany.

She will be reporting from Ukraine and Russia, among other areas, the publisher said.

Ovsyannikova said her new employer "stands for what is being so vehemently defended by the courageous people of Ukraine on the ground right now: freedom.".

"I see it as my duty as a journalist to defend that freedom," she said.

Ovsyannikova's now-viral protest occurred in March, when she burst onto the set with a sign that read: "Stop the war.

She has remained outspoken about the situation despite the risk, posting various criticisms of Putin's war on her personal Facebook and Instagram pages.

Only this can redeem at least a little the guilt of Russian people," she said. »

Disney heir comes out publicly as transgender, condemns anti-LGBTQ bills

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Charlee Disney, one of the heirs of The Walt Disney Co., came out publicly as transgender and condemned anti-LGBTQ bills in a recent interview.

Roy P. Disney, Disney's father and the grandson of the company's co-founder, upped that amount to $500,000 last week.

Disney said that even though they have a lot of support and privilege, their journey has been difficult. »

Chrono Cross And Other Classics Suddenly ‘Expiring’ On PS3, Vita

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Digital purchases are mysteriously expiring on classic PlayStation consoles, rendering a random assortment of games unplayable.

Over the last several days, PlayStation users have reported strange, decades-old expiration dates being applied to their digital games.

We never know when digital games are going to just up and disappear on us, and there’s really nothing we can do about it when it inevitably happens. »

The Return of Conquest?

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In a speech on February 21 of this year, he elaborated, arguing that “modern Ukraine was entirely and fully created by Russia.”

The global community can use sanctions and international courts to impose costs on Russia for its blatant and illegal aggression.

Right now, the immediate effects of the war are largely contained to Ukraine, Russia, and the countries taking in Ukrainian refugees. »