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Monday April 11st, 2022 night edition

image for Woman accused in alleged racist incident hurls racial slur outside Richmond courthouse

A Richmond couple allegedly involved in a racist incident at a Steveston coffee shop was in court Friday.

Before co-accused Astrid Maria Secreve went into the court room, she spewed a racial slur at a CTV News Vancouver cameraman, who's of Asian descent.

"Don't touch me," she could be heard saying on camera, using an expletive followed by a slur for a person of Chinese heritage.

Secreve and Michel Jean-Jacque Berthiaume have been charged with mischief under $5,000 over the incident at Rocanini Coffee Roasters in the city's Steveston neighbourhood.

Surveillance video captured drinks being poured on the floor and then an object being thrown as the couple left the business.

At the time, the employee told CTV News that the drink was poured on her face and body and a racial slur was hurled at her.

At another court hearing in July 2021, Berthiaume confronted anti-racism protesters and could be heard openly shouting anti-Chinese sentiments. »

NATO will deploy a permanent full-scale military force on its border with Russia to combat a future invasion, alliance's chief says

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NATO will deploy a large military force on its border with Russia, the alliance's chief told The Telegraph.

Jens Stoltenberg said that the military "reset" aims to defend against an invasion by Russia.

NATO will deploy a permanent full-scale military force on its border with Russia to defend its territory against a future Russian invasion, the alliance's chief said during an interview with The Telegraph. »

Ukraine supporters outnumber pro-Russians in German protests

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is seen amid flags at a pro-Russian demonstration, amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, in Frankfurt, Germany April 10, 2022.

HANOVER/FRANKFURT, April 10 (Reuters) - Pro-Russians on Sunday staged demonstrations in the German cities of of Frankfurt and Hanover, where they were far outnumbered by supporters of Ukraine, local police said.

Around 600 pro-Russian protesters in a motorcade of 400 cars flying Russian flags drove through Hanover in northern Germany, while around 3,500 Ukraine supporters gathered in the city centre, the police said. »