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Sunday April 10th, 2022 evening edition

image for Trump Is Raking in Millions of Dollars With Fascist Fundraising Emails

Trump’s fundraising emails helped generate $378 million in small donations for the 2020 campaign, and there is $110 million in the former president’s war chest as of February.

Only Trump can “save America” from this humiliation, the emails say, giving a nod to fascist rhetoric of the 20th century, according to experts.

Some appeals appear to operate like a sweepstakes, offering donors a chance to meet Trump in person or attend a “top secret” rally.

Indeed, experts say elements of fascist thought can regularly be found in Trump’s speeches as well as his fundraising emails, which are paid for by the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee and backed by two pro-Trump super PACs.

In the same April 8 fundraising email, Trump declares that the “system is totally broken.”

This sentiment was clearly present as armed militias, fascist gangs and angry Trump supporters searched for lawmakers to attack on January 6.

Even if Trump is no longer in the White House, his fundraising emails show that we can’t ignore the continual possibility of such a future on the horizon. »

S&P downgrade indicates Russia headed for historic default

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That indicates Moscow could soon default on external loans for the first time in more than a century.

S&P Global Ratings issued the downgrade to “selective default” late Friday after Russia arranged to make foreign bond payments in rubles on Monday when they were due in dollars. »

Obese diners to be banned from entering naked restaurant because it will be 'miserable' for other guests

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O bese diners will be asked to leave a naked restaurant because it could be “miserable” for other visitors.

The restaurant, which opens on July 29, will ask guests to check in their clothes and put on paper underwear when they arrive.

People with tattoos are also banned from the restaurant and diners are asked not to “cause a nuisance” by touching or talking to other guests. »