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Friday April 8th, 2022 night edition

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The General Assembly needed to vote in favor by two-thirds of the countries present and voting to remove Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

The United States ambassador to the United Nations made a case for seeking the suspension of Russia from the Human Rights Council in front of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, something she and other UN member states have been pushing.

"Russia should not have a position of authority in a body whose purpose -- whose very purpose -- is to promote respect for human rights.

"Every day, we see more and more how little Russia respects human rights," she said.

Ultimately she argued, "Russia's participation on the Human Rights Council hurts the Council's credibility.

It might seem that we should have named it the Titanic instead of the Human Rights Council.

The Russian representative said the vote on suspending Russia from the Human Rights Council "is an attempt by the United States to maintain its dominant position and total control to continue its attempt at human rights colonialism in international relations.". »

Jackson confirmed as first Black female high court justice

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court on Thursday, shattering a historic barrier by securing her place as the first Black female justice and giving President Joe Biden a bipartisan endorsement for his promised effort to diversify the high court.

Jackson will take her seat when Justice Stephen Breyer retires this summer, solidifying the liberal wing of the 6-3 conservative-dominated court.

While Jackson won’t change the balance, she will secure a legacy on the court for Biden and fulfill his 2020 campaign pledge to nominate the first Black female justice. »

Alex Jones says Sandy Hook families are ‘demonising’ him as he finally appears at deposition after paying $75k fines

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Alex Jones has finally appeared at a deposition in his legal battle with the families of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre after a court held him in contempt for skipping questioning twice.

In a video on his Infowars website, Mr Jones said that the deposition began Tuesday and was to continue Wednesday.

He claimed the families’ lawyers began the deposition by “demonising” him for his questioning official versions of events. »

Finland seizes $46 million worth of artwork headed to Russia

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Finland seized tens of millions of dollars worth of artwork on its way to Russia due to the European Union sanctions imposed on the country.

The paintings and sculptures were in three shipments that came from Italy and Japan, passing through Finland on its way to Russia.

Reuters reports the artwork was worth $46 million, with Russia claiming the works were loaned to Italy. »

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she reported Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police for a 'threat of violence' after he made a Will Smith joke about her

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she's reported Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police.

The report was made over a joke Kimmel made about her, which she called a "threat of violence.".

On Wednesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia tweeted that she reported comedian Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol police, appearing to call one of the host's jokes about her a "threat of violence.". »