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Thursday April 7th, 2022 night edition

image for Idaho Will No Longer Criminalize Braiding Hair Without A License

Prior to the new law, unlicensed hair braiding was a misdemeanor, an offense that could incur fines of up to $1,000 per infraction.

Unlike Western-style cosmetology, which uses potentially dangerous chemicals, traditional African hair braiding is all-natural and requires a completely different skillset.

In Idaho, that license requires at least 1,600 hours of classes and costs more than $16,000 on average, according to the Institute for Justice.

Further rubbing salt into the wound, the state doesn’t require cosmetology schools to even teach African hair styling braiding.

“Under Idaho’s cosmetology licensing regime, someone versed in African-style hair braiding may not provide African-style hair braiding for compensation without a cosmetology license.

At the same time, someone with a cosmetology license need not have any experience or skills in African-style hair braiding to provide African-style hair braiding for compensation.”.

“The government has no business licensing something as safe and common as hair braiding,” said Institute for Justice Attorney Caroline Grace Brothers. »

Germany conducts nationwide raids on neo-Nazi groups

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The raids began in the early morning and the neo-Nazi groups "Atomwaffen Division" (AWD), "Combat 18" (C18) and "Knockout 51" (K51) were the main focus.

The state prosecutor's office is investigating 10 suspected members of the group, five of whom were targeted by Wednesday's raids.

Authorities were aware of the group's presence in Germany by the end of the decade. »

Mark Zuckerberg Says Meta Employees “Lovingly” Refer to Him as “The Eye of Sauron”

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But during his recent appearance on The Tim Ferriss Show, he shared a particularly eyebrow-raising label given to him by his own employees: The Eye of Sauron.

Zuckerberg brought up the moniker after he and Ferriss began discussing how he manages his energy in the workplace while constantly being barraged with news and information.

Zuckerberg’s computer nerd demeanor doesn’t quite scream “Dark Lord” to us, but we don’t deny that Meta employees would compare his semi-autocratic mode of operation to that of the Eye. »

The Price of Hegemony

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They failed to do so in recent years, allowing Putin to seize more and more land until he invaded all of Ukraine.

Since the end of the Cold War, the Russians have objectively enjoyed greater security than at any time in recent memory.

If Americans learn anything from Russia’s brutalization of Ukraine, it should be that there really are worse things than U.S. hegemony. »

Hungary's authoritarian leader breaks with the EU, saying he'll pay for Russian gas in rubles

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Orbán is once again going against the EU, and says he will pay for Russian gas with rubles.

Russia has demanded that "unfriendly" countries pay for gas in rubles amid his war in Ukraine.

Hungary's authoritarian prime minister has broken ranks with the European Union, saying that he will pay for Russian gas in rubles amid Russian President Vladimir Putin's war with Ukraine. »