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Wednesday April 6th, 2022 day edition

image for Canada will soon offer doctor-assisted death to the mentally ill. Who should be eligible?

Most mental disorders lack “prognostic predictability,” which makes determining when psychiatric suffering has become “irremediable,” essentially incurable, particularly challenging.

Is it possible to conclude, with any certainty or confidence, that a mental illness has no prospect of ever improving?

A joint parliamentary committee studying the new MAID law has been given a mandate to report back by June 23.

How long should the “reflection” period be, the time between first assessment and provision of death?

That decision formed the impetus for Canada’s MAID law, Bill C-14, which allowed for assisted dying in cases where natural death was “reasonably foreseeable.”.

Under Canada’s MAID law, people requesting assisted dying for a medical condition can refuse treatments they don’t find acceptable.

If you’re thinking about suicide or are worried about a friend or loved one, please contact the Canada Suicide Prevention Service at 1.833.456.4566 toll free or connect via text at 45645, from 4 p.m. to midnight ET. »

Man who refused to let council demolish his house says it's rocketed in value

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A homeowner who refused to let the council demolish his property for decades has seen a housing estate pop up around him, causing his house to soar in value.

Charlie Wright lived on his estate in Birkenhead, Wirral all his life, but he stubbornly refused to move as it was flattened around him.

"I've gone from living in a terraced house to a detached house with a driveway, so it's paid off for me in the end. »

Fox Captured After Congressman, Woman Bitten Outside US Capitol

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We have received several reports of aggressive fox encounters on or near the grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

One photo shows a slender fox on a sidewalk; another shows a fox on a lawn near what the photographer said was the Russell Senate Office Building.

Animal sightings near the Capitol and National Mall aren’t unheard of; a wild coyote was spotted in East Potomac Park in 2020. »

Democratic rep says Ivanka Trump testifying before Jan 6 committee ‘doesn’t necessarily mean talking truthfully’

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Ivanka Trump appeared remotely before the January 6 committee on Tuesday, committee sources revealed, as the panel’s investigation into her father’s role in a violent assault on Congress continues.

Ms Trump was not subpoenaed, and like her husband is giving information to the committee as a personal choice.

“I’ve interviewed a lot of the members of that family, talking doesn’t necessarily mean talking truthfully,” added Rep Eric Swalwell, who does not sit on the committee. »

Lauren Handy Claims to Have Actually Had 115 Fetuses

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Last week, DC Police found five fetuses in the home of pro-life activist Lauren Handy.

During a press conference Tuesday, the pro-life group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising claimed that figure was incomplete: Handy allegedly had 115 fetuses, including the five already in police custody.

The provenance of those 115 fetuses is bizarre: the group claims several activists (including Handy) encountered a driver from Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services loading biohazard boxes into his truck outside the Washington Surgi-Clinic in Foggy Bottom on March 25. »