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Monday April 4th, 2022 evening edition

image for Rape as a weapon: huge scale of sexual violence inflicted in Ukraine emerges

Women across Ukraine are grappling with the threat of rape as a weapon of war as growing evidence of sexual violence emerges from areas retaken from retreating Russian forces.

The women were naked and their bodies had been partially burned, the photographer said.

Particularly difficult for many to comprehend is the scale of the sexual violence.

Gang-rapes, assaults taking place at gunpoint, and rapes committed in front of children are among the grim testimonies collected by investigators.

We haven’t been able to reach them because of the fighting,” said Kateryna Cherepakha, the president of La Strada Ukraine, a charity that supports survivors of trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault.

I am worried that what we learn about is just going to be the tip of the iceberg.”.

Rape and sexual assault are considered war crimes and a breach of international humanitarian law, and both Ukraine’s prosecutor general and the international Criminal Court have said they will open investigations into reported sexual violence. »

Old resort brings new life for Ukrainian refugees in East Sooke, B.C. - BC

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A Vancouver Island couple has come up with a creative way to help Ukrainian refugees coming to Canada.

The Holowaychuks are converting their 15,000-square-foot resort property into a Ukrainian refugee home, called the Ukrainian Safe Haven.

For those who want to help, the Ukrainian Safe Haven is accepting donations and volunteer support by visiting their website. »

Ukrainian civilians reportedly kill Russian troops with poisoned buns and alcohol

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At least two Russian troops died and many more grew severely ill after reportedly consuming poisoned food and drink served by civilians in the Ukrainian town of Izium, officials said on Saturday.

April 2 (UPI) -- Multiple Russian soldiers died and many more grew ill after being served poisoned food and alcohol in the Ukrainian town of Izium, officials said on Saturday.

Ukrainian government officials also said that around 500 Russian troops occupying the town grew extremely ill after consuming poisoned alcohol. »

Elden Ring’s publisher wants to work with author Brandon Sanderson and he ‘has a Soulsborne pitch’

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Elden Ring and Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco has reached out to American fantasy author Brandon Sanderson about a possible future collaboration, he’s revealed.

“They are interested in perhaps doing something together, is what that says,” Sanderson said on the stream.

From’s latest release, Elden Ring, is itself a collaboration with fantasy author George R. R. Martin. »

Betsy DeVos is back — and her family is flooding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with cash

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Their son, Rick DeVos, contributed $2,500 directly to DeSantis' campaign, as did their grandson Dalton DeVos and niece Olivia DeVos.

The DeVos family, which also owns the NBA's Orlando Magic, donated more than $200,000 to the Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC during the Florida governor's 2018 campaign.

Critics linked DeSantis' education crackdown to donations from the DeVos clan and other deep-pocketed conservatives ahead of his re-election battle. »