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Saturday April 2nd, 2022 evening edition

image for Canada’s ‘maple syrup heist’ thief must repay millions for sweet stolen goods

But the Quebec man’s daring theft fell short after police were tipped off and he and his accomplices landed in jail.

Now, the ringleader behind Canada’s infamous heist has a new challenge: paying his victims C$9m (US$7m) or serving six more years in jail.

Knowing the barrels in the strategic reserve were inspected only once a year, the thieves replaced the syrup with water.

The theft led to police raids in New Brunswick, Ontario and south of the border in Vermont and New Hampshire.

They also seized two forklifts, tanker trucks used to transport the stolen product and four huge kettles used to boil the syrup down.

The judge, Raymond Pronovost, fined him C$9.4m, based on the value of the syrup he was able to sell.

At his hearing, Vallières told the board he “saw a guy get killed over a pear – a fight over a pear”. »

45% of Survey Respondents Likelier to Vote If Biden Cancels Student Debt

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It found 45% of respondents would be more likely to vote if Biden cancels $10,000 in student debt.

Biden has yet to comment on further debt relief, and payments are still set to resume on May 1.

Additionally, 46% of respondents also said they would be likelier to go to the polls if Biden were to cancel $50,000 in student debt for every federal borrower — an amount many progressives lawmakers have been pushing for. »

Florida Lawmaker Threatens a 'Living Hell' for Disney as LGBTQ Feud Intensifies

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In response, some lawmakers are threatening to reverse government favors that have benefited Disney since 1967, when Florida created something called the "Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID)."

"When Disney purchased land for its theme parks, it pushed through laws that said it was self-governing," Sabatini told Newsweek.

"They have their own police and fire departments and could even have their own nuclear power plant if they wished. »

U.S. official says Ukrainian helicopters attacked oil depot in Russia

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Kryviy Rih, Ukraine — Russia accused Ukrainian forces of staging a daring air raid against an oil depot inside Russian territory Friday morning.

The regional governor said two Ukrainian helicopters attacked the fuel facility in Belgorod, about 20 miles inside Russia, and video showed storage tanks in flames.

A video screengrab shows firefighters responding to a fire that broke out at a fuel depot in Belgorod, Russia, which the regional governor blamed on an attack by Ukrainian military helicopters on April 1, 2022. »

Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking conviction upheld as US judge refuses retrial

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Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking conviction has been upheld by a US judge.

The 60-year-old Briton was convicted in December of helping late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse teenage girls.

Epstein, who counted politicians and business leaders among his friends, killed himself in a Manhattan prison cell in 2019, while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. »