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Monday March 28th, 2022 evening edition

image for Anonymous Starts 'Huge' Data Dump That Will 'Blow Russia Away,' Leaks Rostproekt Emails

The hacktivist collective hacked the emails of Russian construction company Rostproekt.

Anonymous also launched a new website where all of its upcoming leaks will be dumped.

Anonymous, the decentralized international activist and hacktivist collective, stays true to its promise of dumping "huge" data that will "blow Russia away" by leaking hacked Rostproekt emails to hold its followers over and launching a new site to host its upcoming dumps.

We have created a new site to host our upcoming leaks + future Anonymous leaks.

We also hacked Rostproekt emails as a treat to celebrate the new site & to hold you over while waiting for the upcoming dump(s).".

The hacked Rostproekt emails, which are 2.4 gigabytes in total, are available on the new website and can be downloaded using Torrent.

Anonymous also provided an update on the "huge" data dump that will "blow Russia away," which it said will be available "within the next 1-2 weeks, latest." »

Chris Rock isn't pressing charges against Will Smith for the Oscars slap

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(CNN) Chris Rock will not be pressing charges against Will Smith following their onstage altercation at this year's Oscars, the Los Angeles Police Department has said.

When Rock quipped: "Jada I love you, 'G.I. Jane 2,' can't wait to see it," the camera cut to Pinkett Smith, who rolled her eyes.

Will Smith, right, hits presenter Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars on Sunday. »

Bizzare ‘diet cult’ that lives without food and water caught its leader eating McDonald’s

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Food Bizzare ‘diet cult’ that lives without food and water caught its leader eating McDonald’s By Malavika Pradeep COPY URL.

Slowly, the actress was conditioned to replace food and water with the sun and passive inhalation of “cosmic micro-dust” from the air.

Horton then helped the actress cut ties with the group, who claimed that she wouldn’t be able to survive without them. »

Ukraine will ‘not be silent’ about women being raped during invasion, says MP Maria Mezentseva

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Ukraine will “not be silent” about the “horror” of women being raped during the invasion, an MP in the country has warned, saying “justice has to prevail”.

Speaking to Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday programme from Western Ukraine, she highlighted one incident which had been recorded and proceeded with by the prosecutor’s office.

“His wife was – I’m sorry but I have to say it – raped several times in front of her underage child.”. »