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Sunday March 27th, 2022 morning edition

image for 'You, the Russian people, are not our enemy,' President Joe Biden says while also asking Russians to oppose Putin's invasion of Ukraine

President Joe Biden said the Russian people "are not our enemy" at a speech from Warsaw, Poland.

World leaders had gathered to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Biden said Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power," but he stopped short of calling for a regime change.

President Joe Biden on Saturday said that the Russian people "are not our enemy" during a speech in Europe — pleading with the Russian people to oppose Vladimir Putin's ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Let me say this if you're able to listen: You, the Russian people, are not our enemy," Biden said from the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland.

During Biden's visit in Warsaw, several rockets struck the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, just 45 miles away from Poland.

Russian forces have also been accused of war crimes, targeting Ukrainian schools and hospitals. »

UK to fund 2 mln pounds of food supplies for encircled Ukrainian cities

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LONDON, March 26 (Reuters) - Britain said on Saturday it would fund 2 million pounds ($2.6 million) worth of vital food supplies for areas of Ukraine which are encircled by Russian forces following a direct request from the Ukrainian government.

Worst hit has been the eastern port of Mariupol, a city of 400,000 under siege since the war's early days.

Tens of thousands of people are still believed to be trapped inside with no access to food, power or heating. »

Russian troops ‘drive tank over commander’ amid anger at high casualties

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Makariv has now been recaptured from the Russians by Ukrainian troops.

It came amid western and Ukrainian claims, refuted by the Kremlin, that between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian service personnel were killed in action in the first month of the war.

Col Medvedev is said to have been airlifted to Belarus for emergency treatment and awarded a Russian military honour following the attempt on his life. »

Biden lashes at Putin, calls for Western resolve for freedom

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“We must remain unified today and tomorrow and the day after, and for the years and decades to come.

It will not be easy,” Biden said as Russia continued to pound several Ukrainian cities.

Despite the hazards ahead, Biden insisted there is more reason to be hopeful that the West and Ukraine can eventually succeed. »

Kremlin says it's not for Biden to say if Putin stays in power

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LONDON, March 26 (Reuters) - The Kremlin dismissed a remark by U.S. President Joe Biden on Saturday that Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power," saying it was up to Russians to choose their own president.

Asked about Biden's comment, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters: "That's not for Biden to decide.

Biden has stepped up personal attacks on Putin since the Russian president ordered the invasion of Ukraine last month, and the Kremlin has replied by questioning the U.S. leader's state of mind. »