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Saturday March 26th, 2022 night edition

image for Women's March pushes for impeachment of Justice Thomas over wife's texts

"The revelations that Ginni Thomas advocated for the overthrow of our democracy are disqualifying — not just for her as a human being of any decency, but for her husband Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas," Women's March Executive Director Rachel O' Leary Carmona said in a statement.

"From the day he was nominated to the Court, Thomas has always acted less like a reasonable jurist and more like his wife — that is to say a professional conservative activist," Carmona added.

"He is hopelessly compromised, conflicted, and corrupt, and he must be impeached IMMEDIATELY.".

The Hill has reached out to Thomas for comment.

Ginni Thomas reportedly said in one message, referring to former President Trump Donald TrumpDefense & National Security — Biden huddles with allies in Europe Ginni Thomas sent Mark Meadows texts urging efforts to overturn election: report The Defense Production Act won't bring us supply-chain security MORE.

“This is a fight of good versus evil,” Meadows wrote to Thomas on Nov. 24, according to the Post.

Thomas was the only justice to side with the former president. »

Dog abandoned for being 'gay' is adopted by same-sex couple

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A dog who made national headlines this month after being abandoned by his owners for being “gay” has been adopted by a same-sex couple.

Last week, WCCB-TV in Charlotte, North Carolina, reported that 5-year-old Fezco was surrendered to Stanly County Animal Protective Services by his owners after the pup “humped another male dog.”

The couple has another dog, a small rescue named Harry that they adopted about 10 years ago. »

India’s Response to the Ukraine Crisis Is a Wake-up Call for the US

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India’s stance on the Ukraine war reflects the tremendous domestic public support that Russia enjoys compared to the United States, a reality that Washington has seemingly yet to grasp.

If anything, India’s response to the Ukraine crisis reveals that the United States’ burgeoning strategic proximity with India failed to reorient Indians’ public memory to Washington’s favor.

The asymmetric coexistence of political and sentimental factors in how the Indian public views the Ukraine crisis and India’s policy response is illustrative. »

Lawsuit seeks to block 'insurrectionist' Marjorie Taylor Greene from reelection bid

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WASHINGTON, March 24 (Reuters) - A group of Georgia voters on Thursday asked state officials to block Republican U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from running for reelection, alleging she is unfit for office because of her support of rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol.

In a legal challenge filed with the Georgia Secretary of State, the voters claim Greene has violated a provision of the U.S. Constitution known as the "Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause.".

Greene could also ask a federal judge to step in and block the challenge. »