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Friday March 25th, 2022 night edition

image for Alex Jones skips Sandy Hook deposition again after judge rules 2nd doctor’s note doesn’t excuse him

For the second day in a row, Alex Jones failed to comply with a court order requiring his deposition in a successful defamation lawsuit brought by families of Sandy Hook shooting victims.

About an hour after it was scheduled to begin, law firms representing the families alerted the media that Jones did not arrive for the in-person questioning.

“We will continue to work within the legal system to hold Mr. Jones accountable for his actions.”.

The no-show marks the second time in two days Jones has failed to appear for his deposition, with his defense attorneys arguing to the court that an unnamed “medical condition” should excuse him.

Late Wednesday evening, attorneys for Jones produced an additional doctor’s note stemming from the second opinion.

In her note submitted to the court, Offutt described her, “medical visit with Mr. Jones for acute medical issues that were time-sensitive and potentially serious.”.

Despite the added medical testimony from Offutt, Judge Barbara Bellis again denied the motion from the defense, ordering Jones to appear for his deposition Thursday morning. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene branded ‘insurrectionist’ in lawsuit trying to stop her running for reelection

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Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been termed an “insurrectionist” in a lawsuit that seeks to prevent her from running for reelection.

✕ Marjorie Taylor Greene refuses to applaud Zelensky and appears to use phone instead.

There was no response to the lawsuit from Ms Greene, and her office did not immediately respond to questions from The Independent. »

Zelenskyy to NATO: Don’t ever tell us again that our army isn’t up to NATO standards

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has asked NATO never to say again that Ukraine’s armed forces, which have shown their power in the war with Russia, do not meet NATO standards.

Please don’t ever, ever tell us again that our army does not meet NATO standards.

Reminder: Zelenskyy has asked NATO to provide weapons to defend Ukraine against the Russian attack, releasing details of the Ukrainian request. »

Chinese man bitten by venomous snake he thought was dead inside a wine bottle he bought for his son

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A Chinese father had the shock of his life when a supposedly dead snake inside a jar of snake wine he bought a year ago suddenly bit him.

The man from Heilongjiang Province, China, reportedly bought three jars of snake wine, believing that the drink could help cure his son, who has been suffering from a chronic illness.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that snake wine contains several health benefits and can even be a cure for rheumatism, arthritis and the flu. »