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Friday March 18th, 2022 evening edition

image for Don’t be fooled: The GOP love affair with Putin is worse than it looks

I was brought back from the 8th Air Force and assigned to the first B-29s, the 58th Bomb Wing.

I can still remember hauling these huge rollers to crush the stone and make them flat.

Former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham recently told "The View" that Donald Trump wanted the power to kill with impunity.

In explaining why Trump both admired and feared Vladimir Putin she said:.

In my experience with him, he loved the dictators, he loved the people who could kill anyone, including the press.

To make matters even worse, Putin now imagines himself as a 21st-century version of Joseph Stalin.

The American people have been repeatedly warned about the dangers represented by the Republican fascists and the Trump movement. »

Oh ship! All the superyachts seized from Russian oligarchs so far - National

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So far, Spain, Italy, France and Germany have been leading the charge in seizing superyachts, impounding a combined nine Russian-owned boats.

But some Russian oligarchs seemed to have missed the memo to get their superyachts out of EU waters.

Here’s a list of all the superyachts owned by Russia’s elite that have been seized or frozen so far. »

‘Long-overdue’: all-Black, female second world war battalion to receive congressional gold medal

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The only all-Black, all-female second world war battalion will be awarded the congressional gold medal after Joe Biden signed a bipartisan bill on Monday to honor the women’s efforts.

In Europe, the battalion sorted and routed mail for over 4 million American service members and civilians.

A Congressional Gold Medal is only fitting for these veterans who received little recognition for their service after returning home,” Moore said. »